Native American plight highlighted for Thanksgiving

A reader commends the coverage of the pervasive problems faced by modern native American tribes, without whom the first European settlers would likely have perished – issues that tend to go unmentioned during the Thanksgiving holiday.

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Kudos to Omar Karmi for raising the profile of an underreported problem in America (Native tribes have little to be thankful for, November 25).

One normally reads stories of Thanksgiving excess; rarely are there pieces highlighting the stark state of affairs for North America's first settlers during this time of year.

Mr Karmi's analysis also highlights the difficulty of repairing such historically strained relations: while the US federal government has traditionally supported such tribes, support is often not enough, and is one of the first budget items to be cut during times of fiscal crisis. As the US continues an uncertain recovery and politicians seek to retain their seats amid popular backlash, I hope that such communities do not get abandoned or forgotten.

I am pleasantly surprised that The National chose to report this particular perspective; it is a marked departure from other holiday news coverage.

Marisol S, Dubai

Welcoming the Queen

As a Briton in Abu Dhabi, I appreciated the piece Sheikh Mohammed welcomes back old friends to the capital (November 25).

Welcome to Abu Dhabi, Your Majesty. May your visit go well for all concerned.

Safe onward journey.

BM, Abu Dhabi

A tragic case of death in India

With reference to your article Student 'hacked head teacher to death' (November 23), about the student in India who went on a rampage, it was sad and painful to read. This violent incident, which happened in the Indian state of Manipur, was unacceptable.

The reason given for this tragic incident was that the teacher had seen the student gambling in a bazaar with his friends. He simply advised the student not to gamble, and for that, the student killed his teacher along with his friends and later surrendered himself to the police.

Teachers should be respected and students should behave properly.

K Ragavan, India

Good ruling from the courts

Regarding the article Supreme Court boosts divorce rights of women (November 24): this is great news.

The UAE will now see the divorce rate among nationals drop rapidly due to fewer improper marriages in the first place.

Good job, Supreme Court.

Abdullah H al Hashimi, Abu Dhabi

Likud's intentions are shambolic

There was never a possibility of a Likud government, headed by the Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, co-operating to create a Palestinian state (Israeli referendum a new obstacle to peace talks, November 24).

The entire charade was merely theatre. Mr Netanyahu has always declared that his policy was for a "greater Israel", with all non-Israelis removed from the West Bank and former Palestine. How and why the US government has managed to become an actor in this strange, tragic melodrama remains to be seen.

It seems that few people, certainly in the US, but also in Britain, have not the slightest conception as to how Israeli politics and propaganda works. Aipac's influence on US foreign policy in the Middle East is particularly disturbing.

C Dale, UK

Ba'athists have a right to prosecute

I read Ba'athists may use WikiLeaks to sue US over 'illegal occupation' (November 25). America and Britain must and will pay for the carnage they have wrought in Iraq. Germany and its Nazi regime ended up paying for its crimes and standing trial after the Second World War. Why shouldn't two countries who have destroyed a country that posed no threat to anyone?

Abramcos Abraham, Abu Dhabi