Royal Navy captain smashes hole in warship in Bahrain while docking in the dark

It was the first time the new captain had tried the manoeuvre

R05C1M The Royal Navy Mine Counter Measures Vessel HMS Chiddingfold sails from Portsmouth, UK on 14th May 2018

A Royal Navy ship being piloted by a new captain crashed in Bahrain causing £100,000 ($137,415) of damage.

HMS Chiddingfold suffered hull damage after the captain tried to dock the ship in the dark, a manoeuvre he had not completed before.

The Chiddingfold's fibreglass hull was damaged as Lt Commander Simon Reeves pranged the minesweeper, which is based in Portsmouth, southern England, on his first attempt at parking the 61-metre ship at night.

The incident occurred on March 16 in Bahrain, the Royal Navy confirmed.

Although it was the captain’s first night-time operation in the Gulf, it is understood that other factors caused the collision.

“While this manoeuvre had been practised several times back in the UK there were other issues such as the tide, wind conditions, as well as potentially a minor technical issue that contributed significantly,” a Royal Navy source said.

“The understanding is that the captain will not be found at fault.”

The Navy confirmed that the damage would cost an estimated £100,000 because the anti-mine fibreglass structure used on the minesweeper’s hulls needed specialist attention.

The incident would not have an impact on operations, the Navy source said.

Lt Commander Reeves was born in Shropshire, England, and joined the Royal Navy as a Warfare Officer in 2006.