Pro-Palestinian rallies around the world call for an end to violence

From Lebanon to America, pro-Palestinian groups are demanding Israel cease military action

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Follow the latest updates as violence escalates in Israel and Palestine

Hostilities between Israel and Hamas escalated on Tuesday, raising the death toll in two days to 48 in Palestine and six in Israel, with the Israelis carrying out multiple air strikes in Gaza and the militant group firing rockets at Tel Aviv.

The surge in Israeli-Palestinian violence reached an intensity not seen in years.

Pro-Palestine groups around the world gathered to demand Israel cease military action and stop the evictions of Palestinians from their homes in Sheikh Jarrah. Here are some of the most notable protests:


Jordanians protest Sheikh Jarrah evictions

Jordanians protest Sheikh Jarrah evictions

A mainly young crowd of 1,500 people in Amman on Tuesday denounced Israel over its crackdown in Jerusalem, as authorities sought to mitigate the possible effects of the escalation in Palestine on Jordan.

"Allah salutes Sheikh Jarrah. We die and Palestine remains,” some among the crowd of men and women chanted in the upper-end Rabieh district of the city.

The demonstration in Rabieh, near the Israeli embassy, is in line with a long-standing government approach to let people in Jordan vent their anger every time Israel raises pressure on the Palestinians.

Jordanian authorities allowed several anti-Israeli protests in Amman this week, despite a coronavirus ban on gatherings.


Palestinian refugees watch spiralling Jerusalem violence

Palestinian refugees watch spiralling Jerusalem violence

Just 233 kilometres from Al Aqsa Mosque compound in Jerusalem lies the Shatila refugee camp on the edge of Beirut, and for the past week the escalating violence in the holy city has been the only thing on people's minds.

“I cannot describe the feeling, but I wish I was with them on the ground,” said Wassim Abu Hazina, 30, who works as a media official for the camp in southern Beirut.

Sadly familiar with tragedy and violence, the cafes and barbershops of Shatila camp were blasting out 24-hour news coverage of Jerusalem.

Young Palestinians, most of whom have never known life outside Lebanon, were fixated on news tickers as updates rolled in of an escalation.

Beirut motorcycle rally in support of Sheikh Jarrah

Beirut motorcycle rally in support of Sheikh Jarrah

Dozens of Lebanese and Palestinians rode motorbikes through the streets of Beirut on Monday night in support of Palestinians.

The young men waving Lebanese and Palestinian flags drove through the streets of the Lebanese capital chanting pro-Palestinian slogans.

“We just wanted to send a message as young men, Lebanese and Arabs, that we are trying as much as we can to stand in solidarity with our brothers,” said demonstrator Ahmad Mazher.


Tempers flare as pro-Palestine protests hit the US

Tempers flare as pro-Palestine protests hit the US

Pro-Palestinian and pro-Israeli protesters clashed in the streets of New York City on Tuesday evening.

About 1,000 protesters expressing solidarity with the Palestinian people demonstrated outside the Israeli consulate in midtown Manhattan.

Their protest was met by a counter protest of supporters of Israel. The situation grew tense as small scuffles broke out between the two groups. Several people were knocked to the ground during the altercation.

"If you want peace, leave Al Aqsa alone, leave the West Bank alone, leave the Palestinians alone, leave the Middle East alone," one protester told The National.

It was one of several protests in support of the Palestinians across the US on Tuesday.


Pro-Palestinian protesters demonstrate in central London

Pro-Palestinian protesters demonstrate in central London

Scuffles broke out between police and pro-Palestinian protesters in London on Tuesday at a demonstration calling for an end to Israel’s military action in Gaza.

The protest near Downing Street was organised by the Stop The War Coalition, the Palestine Solidarity Campaign and a number of other pro-Palestinian groups.

Large numbers of police intervened to prevent Palestinian supporters from reaching a small group of pro-Israeli counter-protesters.

The pro-Israeli demonstrators were eventually escorted away by police for their own safety.