Red Sea attacks: US military shoots down drones and missiles fired from Yemen

Houthi rebels have vowed to continue their attacks until the siege on Palestinian people in Gaza ends

Houthi rebels in Sanaa, Yemen. The group has been attacking commercial ships in the Red Sea. EPA
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Three Houthi drones and a missile fired towards a US destroyer in the Red Sea have been shot down.

The US Central Command confirmed it had shot down three anti-ship missiles and three naval drones in the Red Sea on Wednesday.

“Forces shot down one anti-ship ballistic missile and three one-way attack unmanned aerial systems launched from Iranian-backed Houthi-controlled areas of Yemen towards USS Carney (DDG 64) in the Red Sea,” the US Central Command said.

There were no injuries or damage to the ship reported.

The missile and drone interceptions come after Houthi missiles struck a commercial vessel on Monday, the MV/MSC Sky II.

The Houthis also confirmed the attack on the Liberian-flagged, Swiss-owned ship, saying it had been struck with “a number of suitable naval missiles”.

MSC, the world's largest shipping company, said the ship was en route to Djibouti when it was hit.

“The missile caused a small fire that has been extinguished while no crew were injured. She is currently continuing her journey to Djibouti and will arrive today for further assessment,” MSC said.

For months, the Houthis have been conducting attacks on shipping vessels in the Red Sea in retaliation to Israel's war in Gaza.

US and British forces have struck sites connected to the Houthi rebels in a bid to stop strikes on ships in the international trade routes.

The US Central Command said it carried out these actions to “protect freedom of navigation and make international waters safer and more secure for US Navy and merchant vessels”.

On Tuesday, the Houthis said their forces had attacked two destroyers in the Red Sea “with a number of naval missiles and drones”, military spokesman Gen Yahya Saree said.

Gen Saree said the group would “not stop until the aggression stops and the siege imposed on the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip is lifted”.

The US has designated the Houthis as a “specially designated global terrorist group”.

Updated: March 06, 2024, 9:21 AM