West Bank death toll climbs as 'collaborators' executed in Tulkarm

Seven killed in Jenin and Nablus in Israeli army raids as militants execute two alleged spies

Armed Palestinians at the funeral of seven men killed in clashes with Israeli forces in Tulkarm, where two suspected informers were killed on Saturday. AFP
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Up to nine Palestinians were killed in separate incidents across the occupied West Bank overnight on Saturday and early on Sunday, Palestinian media reported.

Four people, including a teenager, were killed in Jenin refugee camp during an Israeli army raid, the official Wafa news agency reported in the early hours of Sunday morning.

It came hours after one person was killed and several injured in a drone strike in the same camp, the latest of several attacks in the West Bank since the war in Gaza began.

On Sunday morning, Israeli forces killed two Palestinians - one in Jenin and another in the village of Yatma, south of Nablus, Wafa said.

Israel says it is targeting militants from various Palestinian groups, including Hamas, who have committed or plotted attacks against Israeli civilians and soldiers.

However, children and the elderly have also been killed in the raids.

Thousands of others have been arrested across the West Bank since October 7, including dozens of workers from Gaza.

On Sunday, the military announced the arrest of a Palestinian it said was responsible for the killing of two Israelis near the flashpoint West Bank town of Huwara in August.

Shay Nigarkar, 60, and his son Aviad Nir, 28, from the Israeli town of Ashdod were shot dead at a car wash near the town, which is surrounded by illegal Israeli settlements.

Their deaths sparked fear of more attacks by settlers on the town, which is often vulnerable to extremist violence.

Meanwhile, in Tulkarm in the occupied West Bank, a Palestinian militant group on Saturday night executed two men it accused of collaboration with Israel, as the death toll in the occupied territory continues to climb.

The Tulkarm Brigades, a local militant group associated with Fatah, said it was on the "lookout" for people suspected of co-operating with Israeli security forces after it killed two men it claimed had confessed to working with Israel's Shin Bet intelligence service.

The suspected informers were shot dead by the group before being paraded through the streets of Tulkarm refugee camp in footage widely shared on social media, with residents filming as the men's bodies were thrown into a skip.

Public execution-style killings of Palestinians accused of collaborating with Israel were common during the Second Intifada but have become rarer in the years since.

Angry crowds attempted to tie the bodies to electricity poles after stomping on them, then throwing the men across the walls of a UN school in the camp, a Palestinian journalist at the scene told the Associated Press.

Israeli media reports identified the men as Hamza Mabarekh, 31, and Azzam Joabra, 29, and said they had been accused of being involved in a raid that led to the death of three members of Hamas and Islamic Jihad this month.

There have been several deadly raids on the camp in recent weeks.

Militants said "there is no immunity" for anyone suspected of working with Israeli forces and published footage purporting to show the man confessing to collaborating with Israel in exchange for thousands of dollars.

Updated: November 26, 2023, 12:11 PM