Shani Louk's father criticises Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu over her death

Nissim Louk says his daughter was 'killed on the spot' by Hamas militants during October 7 attack

The family of Shani Louk say she was killed by Hamas militants while attending the Nova music festival in Israel. AFP
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The father of Shani Louk has criticised Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and said his daughter was "killed on the spot" by Hamas militants before she could be taken to Gaza.

Ms Louk, a 22-year-old Israeli-German citizen, was one of more than 270 people killed by militants during an attack on the Nova music festival that took place near Kibbutz Re'im on October 7.

Her father, Nissim Louk, said he took comfort from knowing she was not being held as a hostage in Gaza.

“She was killed on the spot and not only did she not suffer, 10 minutes earlier she was still enjoying herself," he said.

He condemned Mr Netanyahu and his government, which he believes should have done more to prevent the attack.

"It's been excellent on the civilian side. The Israeli people have a good heart and a sense of community, but our government has been MIA for the past 20 years," he told Israel's Ynet news.

"If the Prime Minister were to show up at my house, I'd tell him to leave, since he bears much responsibility for what happened."

He described his daughter as "a beautiful girl who loved to dance" and that he would remember her as "very smart and witty".

Ms Louk's body was seen lying on the back of a pickup truck being driven near the Israel-Gaza border on October 7.

Her family initially believed she was kidnapped and taken to Gaza, but were later informed of her death by Israeli authorities.

A bone from the base of her skull was found at the Nova festival site and was matched to her DNA by the National Institute of Forensic Medicine, Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported.

“It is assumed she was dragged on to that pickup truck after she was already dead,” her aunt told Israeli radio.

“Maybe there can be comfort in the thought that she died fast and the abuse to her body was perhaps done when she was already gone."

Ms Louk's death was announced on social media on Monday by her sister, Adi, and mother Ricarda Louk.

“With immense sorrow, we announce the death of my sister Shani Nicole Louk,” Adi Louk wrote.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, whose government has supported Israel as it launched retaliatory attacks on Gaza, said Hamas had to be held accountable for the killing.

"For me, this news is terrible. This shows all the barbarism that lies behind Hamas," Mr Scholz said during an official visit to Nigeria.

Updated: October 31, 2023, 3:59 PM