Three dead in Lebanon as clashes resume between Hezbollah and Israel

Lebanese front generally followed pause in fighting during week-long Hamas-Israel truce in Gaza

Journalists killed in Israeli strikes buried in Lebanon

Journalists killed in Israeli strikes buried in Lebanon
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Live updates: Follow the latest on Israel-Gaza

Cross-border clashes between Hezbollah and Israel resumed on the Lebanese border on Friday, with at least three dead in southern Lebanon, including a Hezbollah fighter and his mother.

Despite not officially being part of the week-long truce between Hamas and Israel in Gaza, which ended on Friday morning, the Lebanese front had generally followed the pause in fighting.

Hezbollah and allied armed groups, including Hamas fighters based in Lebanon, have exchanged fire with Israel since October 8, seeking to divert attention from its assault on the Gaza Strip.

The fighter's mother is the first civilian casualty since fighting along the border of Lebanon and Israel resumed following the collapse of the truce in Gaza.

The Hezbollah member was identified as Mohammed Mazraani and his mother as Nasifa.

Lebanon's official National News Agency later reported a third person had been killed and three wounded in a separate attack on a house in Jebbayn. It was unknown whether they were civilians or combatants.

This comes after Iran-backed Hezbollah announced that it had attacked a gathering of Israeli soldiers near the Jal Al Alam site on Friday afternoon.

The attack was “in support of our steadfast Palestinian people … and its valiant and honourable resistance”, Hezbollah said.

The Israeli military reported that the Iron Dome had intercepted a “suspicious aerial target” from Lebanon. The interceptor missile launch triggered sirens in several communities in the upper Galilee.

The military said its artillery had struck sources of fire from Lebanon and air defences had intercepted two launches.

About 80 fighters from Hezbollah have been killed since October 7 in the worst clashes with Israel since 2006.

Senior Hezbollah politician Hassan Fadlallah earlier said that the group had remained vigilant and ready after the Hamas-Israel truce ended.

“In Lebanon, we are concerned about facing this challenge, being vigilant and always ready to confront any possibility and any danger that may arise in our country,” he said.

“No one thinks that Lebanon has been spared from this Zionist targeting or that what is happening in Gaza cannot affect the situation in Lebanon.”

Updated: December 01, 2023, 8:44 PM