Iraq to seek international community support at Davos for post-war rebuilding

President Abdul Latif Rashid leads delegation at the annual World Economic Forum meeting

A handout picture released by the Iraqi parliament on October 12, 2022, shows presidential candidate Abdul Latif Rashid attending a parliamentary session during which a new president is due to be elected, in the capital Baghdad on October 13, 2022. - Despite a rocket attack on Baghdad's Green Zone, lawmakers elected Rashid as Iraq's new state president on October 13, in hopes of ending a year of political gridlock and violence in the war-scarred nation. The 78-year-old replaces fellow Iraqi Kurd Barham Saleh as head of state after the two-round vote in parliament, winning more than 160 votes against 99 for Saleh according to assembly officials. Photos:  IRAQI PARLIAMENT / AFP
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Iraq will seek support from the international community at the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos to help to put the nation back on its feet.

Iraqi President Abdul Latif Rashid, who is leading his country’s delegation to the Swiss winter resort, says he will encourage world leaders to invest in Iraq and support its post-war reconstruction efforts.

Mr Rashid will meet with “leaders from governments, businesses, and economic institutions to discuss a range of issues”, said a statement.

He will also “convey the true image of prevailing security and economic stability in Iraq to attract foreign investment that would help Iraq to develop its infrastructure and render better public services, meeting Iraqi citizens' needs,” it said.

The president will take part in several panels and dialogue sessions to discuss food security and sustainable development.

He will also discuss the regional and international partnerships to support energy, agriculture and water sectors, in addition to addressing climate change, combating corruption, developing infrastructure and protecting vulnerable communities.

The World Economic Forum in pictures

He will be accompanied by Minister of Foreign Affairs Fuad Hussein.

Iraq endured decades of war, UN-imposed economic sanctions in the 1990s and political and security instability following the 2003 US-led invasion that toppled Saddam Hussein.

It is still in need of rebuilding after the 2014-2017 war with ISIS left large areas of the north and west in ruins. Millions of Iraqis need access to clean water, adequate electricity supply and proper health care.

In early 2018, Iraq appealed for about $88 billion for reconstruction at an international donors summit in Kuwait. Countries pledged about $30bn in loans and investment but there has not been significant progress since then.

The WEF annual meeting brings together leaders from government, business and civil society and other sectors to address the state of the world and urgent global issues.

Updated: January 17, 2023, 11:11 AM