Former Israeli ambassador to UN tweets fake number asking Biden to call Netanyahu

Danny Danon wondered if it was time the US called it's 'closest ally'

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Israel's ambassador to the UN urged US President Joe Biden to call his Israeli counterpart on Wednesday, tweeting a fake number for Benjamin Netanyahu's office.

Danny Danon listed 10 nations called by Mr Biden since taking office on January 20, and said: "Might it now be time to call the leader of Israel, the closest ally of the US?"

A phone number with an Israeli dialling code followed, but when called by The National was found to be an incorrect number.

The gap between taking on the presidency and calling an Israeli leader is longer than usual. Donald Trump called Mr Netanyahu two days after his inauguration and offered a visit to the White House.

Barack Obama, under whom Mr Biden served as vice president, called former Israeli PM Ehud Olmert after two days.

Mr Biden, however, did speak to Mr Netanyahu in November during the transition period.