Cairo’s street cats stay warm in upcycled tyres

Eco-conscious designer Ibrahim Abougendy made shelters in response to cold Egyptian winter

Cairo's cats have a new, warm place to sleep

Cairo's cats have a new, warm place to sleep
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Stray cats in Cairo have a warm place to sleep this winter after old tyres were transformed into mobile shelters.

Eco-friendly designer Ibrahim Abougendy has placed his creations on the busy streets of the Egyptian capital.

His Sheltire project was in response to the changing climate in the country in recent years, which has meant the animals need more protection during the colder months.

“There is snowfall and heavy rainfall in Egypt as a result of climate change,” he said. “We are trying to be one step ahead for stray animals who are at risk because of changes in weather.”

Mr Abougendy, a founder of eco-friendly design house Mobikya, is co-operating with Petman, an online pet supplies shop, as part of the project.

The mobile units can accommodate up to five cats each and are made of car tyres, which offer thermal insulation, as well as other waste and recycled material, such as wood. They are designed to suit urban settings.

The shelters can be ordered and Sheltire accepts donations to help it build more.

Rare snowstorms have hit the coastal cities of Hurghada and Alexandria this winter.

The temperature in other parts of Egypt, including Cairo, has fallen in recent years.

Updated: January 16, 2022, 1:56 PM