Louis Vuitton announces new collaboration with artist Jeff Koons

Artist Jeff Koons has reportedly partnered with the brand on its bags and accessories, which will be revealed on April 28. Courtesy Louis Vuitton
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Louis Vuitton has just announced that its newest collaboration will be with American artist Jeff Koons.

The project reaffirms Louis Vuitton’s links with the art world. It is the latest in a series that has seen painters and photographers such as Stephen Sprouse, Cindy Sherman, Richard Prince, Takashi Murakami and James Turrell, create artworks for the French luxury house, for its window displays and bag motifs.

Koons is known for his pop-culture subjects, and he has often courted controversy, particularly when he created a gilt sculpture of singer Michael Jackson posing with his then pet chimp, Bubbles. The piece was criticised by fans for Jackson’s “feminine-looking” features and posture.

Known for reimagining mundane, everyday items, Koons famously created sculptures inspired by inflatable toys, including the popular dog statues made out of metal balloons, His works are displayed at some of the most important museums in the world, including the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago and the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao.

The pieces that Koons has designed for Louis Vuitton are strictly under wraps until April 28, but we can reveal that they will be a series of bags and accessories.