Workshop in Dubai imagines what living on Mars might look like - in pictures

Students were taught how to integrate science, architecture, art and other disciplines to make the red planet fit for human inhabitation

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The three-day workshop Living on Mars was led by industrial aerospace designer, researcher and DIDI faculty member Dr Raffi Tchakerian. It taught participants how to develop concepts of habitation on the red planet, whilst envisioning and creating sustainable settlement proposals that will enable we can survive and create new civilisations in space.

Sass Brown, dean of DIDI, said: "We prepare students to be able to effectively respond to a rapidly changing world and beyond. Nothing is off limits and our Living on Mars workshop proves just this. This type of thinking will help us to nurture the next generation of change-makers, who will be able to conceive and create sustainable design solutions for today’s problems, for the benefit of tomorrow’s society.”


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