Are you colour-blind?

We tried out some online colour-blindness tests - because this is a condition more common than you might think

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What if you couldn’t see colour properly? The exact causes of colour-blindness are still being researched, but it is thought to occur when the cones, found in the retina of the eye, are faulty.

There are three types of cones, one that deals with red light, one for blue and one for green. The cones, working together, process the light and give you your perception of colour. Most cases of colour-blindness are hereditary, and the gene resulting in the condition is passed down through the X chromosome, meaning that the condition affects more men than women.

We tried out some online tests, and liked this one for ease of use and fast results. It follows the Ishihara plates pattern of colour-blindness testing. The test contains 38 different plates with a number or line concealed within colourful dots. Whether you can see the line or number, indicates whether you have some form of red-green colour blindness.

Another popular test for colour deficiency is the F-M 100 Hue Color Vision Test, which involves arranging 88 slides into transcending shades. Although a free version is not available online, you can try a similar test here.*

Wonder what it is like to be colour-blind? The Colour Blind Awareness Organisation recommends this experience from neitzvision that allows you to experience a range of different kinds of colour-blindness.

The statistics revealed by the organisation might surprise you: approximately 1 in 12 men and 1 in 200 women in the world are affected by colour-blindness.

See our gallery below for a list of celebrities with the condition.

* The online tests are for informational purposes only and you should consult an eye care professional if you believe you may have colour-vision deficiency.