How to get 10,000 steps in at home: use these 6 easy tips

Incorporate these tips into day-to-day life and watch your step count go up

This simple tips will help your step count soar. Getty Images
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With millions of people around the world self-isolating, and Dubai residents unable to leave their homes without a permit amid the coronavirus pandemic, the prospect of getting the recommended 10,000 steps in seems like a daunting task indeed.

Despite the fact that we're trying not to leave the house, the importance of moving around is being stressed by experts.

"Getting your steps in is simply a mode of movement and movement requires energy (calories)," explains Michael Sole founder of Dubai gym, The Den DXB.

"Given that we are restricted to doing less voluntary activity at the moment, getting your steps in (even indoors) is a good way for us to try replicate our normal activity levels, and therefore the amount of calories burnt per day," he adds.

"Let’s be honest, our appetites aren’t getting any more stable with the fridge only an arms length away. So use this form of activity to help keep things 'normal'."

He adds that a daily workout will also not go amiss.

Now, there is no need to invest in a fancy pedometer or fitness watch, most smart phones have an automatic step counter.

So make sure you keep it in your pocket while on the move, and your steps will be counted for you.

How to get 10,000 steps without leaving the house:

  1. Walk 1,000 steps every hour
  2. Double up your steps
  3. Opt for high-step exercises
  4. Challenge yourself
  5. Stroll the duration of film, TV show or podcast
  6. Dance it out

1. Walk 1,000 steps every hour

If your workload permits, try to take a break at hourly intervals and walk 1,000 steps. Depending on your speed, it should take around 10 minutes, and during an average work day you will get more than 9,000 steps done.

2. Double up your steps

Sole suggests: "If you are walking to do a task in your home, walk there and back twice before doing it – if it’s not urgent of course." So before you get up to open a window or let the cat in, double up and go there and back a couple of times before getting the job done.

3. Opt for high-step exercises

Exercise moves like skipping, jumping jacks, hopping and step ups will ensure that you get a few extra steps into your workout.

4. Challenge yourself

Sole also suggests that you set yourself challenges while completing tasks around the house.

"While your kettle is boiling see how many steps you can get in around your kitchen or living area and aim to beat it each time," he says.

5. Stroll the duration of film, TV show or podcast

At the moment we're turning to the TV and podcasts for light relief more than ever, so why not turn them into a time to also get some low-impact exercise done. If you wander around the room for the duration of your show or film, you could be mindlessly walking for 30 to 90 minutes, which could get up to 9,000 steps in if you maintain a fast pace. From experience, three back-to-back episodes of quiz show Jeopardy! will get you 8,000 steps, and you'll learn some trivia along the way.

6. Dance it out

If there is one way of getting a few extra fast-paced steps in without really thinking about it, it's dancing.

"Bang some tunes on and show off your best moves around the house," says Sole.

Just make sure you keep your phone in your pocket, you'll be pleasantly surprised at just how many step you take.