Watch: Chinese principal teaches 700 students to shuffle perfectly in time

He might just be the world's coolest teacher

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This Chinese principal may have just earned the crown as the world's coolest teacher thanks to his incredible shuffle skills.

Principal Zhang Pengfei put his moves to good use, getting all the pupils at Xi Guan Primary School in Shanxi to exercise with a perfectly synchronised routine.

In the video which has now gone viral, Mr Zhang is seen leading his pupils into the running man, the Charleston, and the classic shuffle for a perfectly-timed high-energy routine.

Mr Zhang reportedly started teaching the pupils how to shuffle two months ago to get them to enjoy exercise, which all pupils in China's primary and middle schools are required to do each morning.

But the regular morning exercise, or radio callisthenics as it's known in China, was failing to motivate the children – so Mr Zhang decided to shake things up.

Talking to Chinese newspaper the Southern Metropolis Daily, Mr Zhang said the teachers were sceptical at first, but soon joined in on the fun. More than 700 pupils and teachers learnt the full routine, managing to perform it perfectly in time.

"Because the music is full of energy, it really gets the happiness flowing," Mr Zhang said.