Underdressed? Put on a smize

Tyra Banks's imperative to smile with your eyes spreads beyond the modelling world.

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You probably already know you're never fully dressed without a smile. But did you know you should also be "smizing"?

That's the term coined by the supermodel Tyra Banks and one that has quickly become part of her daily lexicon. The art of "smiling with your eyes" can be elevated to a "Super Smize" and it's the secret to a stunning photo, according to Banks on the 13th cycle of the America's Next Top Model television series.

The trend, which has now infiltrated the world of modelling photography in the US is about to go global with the release of Banks's first book, Modelland, in September. The fantasy novel follows the adventures of four young women during their enrolment at an exclusive modelling school as they strive to perfect "H2T" (head to toe) poses and coordinate their eye-mouth muscles.

Taking the trend one step further, Banks recently appeared on the TV news show Good Morning America to promote her book, wearing a piece of gold wing-like eye jewellery called, you've guessed it, a smize.

In her book, Banks says wannabe models increase their chance of securing places at desirable schools by 91 per cent by donning the accessory.

Lady Gaga is another passionate advocate of the look, having sported red sequinned eye patches to meet Britain's Queen Elizabeth in 2009 and again at the Grammy Awards last year.

Possibly the perfect accessory for Halloween, you can find these glittery eyepieces at websites such as Gagaface.com. Smize-related products, including mugs, trucker hats and bumper stickers can be found at cafepress.co.uk.