World-renowned rock climber Brad Gobright falls to his death

Fellow climbers pay tribute to the free solo rock climber who fell to his death in Mexico

Brad Gobright, renowned US rock climber, died after falling from El Potrero Chico in Mexico. Courtesy Wikimediacommons  
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World-renowned rock climber Brad Gobright has died after attempting to descend a sheer rock face in northern Mexico.

Gobright’s fatal fall happened as he tackled a route called El Sendero Luminoso, or the Shining Path, in the state of Nuevo Leon on Wednesday.

The climber, who was 31 years old, fell more than 300 metres as he rappelled back down a rock after successfully summitting the 900-metre cliff face.

Gobright's companion, fellow climber Aidan Jacobson fell a shorter distance. He survived with injuries.

The late rock climber was known for his solo ascents with no ropes or safety gear. The fatal accident happened when he was using ropes to abseil back down the rock face.

Alex Honnold, fellow climber and star of the Oscar nominated Free Solo - a climbing documentary part produced by Image Nation Abu Dhabi - paid tribute to Gobright on his Instagram. The 34-year-old said the climbing world had "lost a true light".

Kevin Jorgeson, co-star of adventure documentary The Dawn Wall, also paid tribute to the climber. The 35-year-old wrote "What I loved about Brad was the lightness he brought to climbing while still being ferociously ambitious."

Record breaking climber

Gobright formerly held the speed record for summiting the Nose of El Capitan in Yosemite, widely regarded as the pinnacle of the climbing world. He completed the route on his eleventh attempt alongside co-climber Jim Reynolds.

Reynolds took to Instagram to comment on Brad’s passing writing “We will carry your spirit, dear friend.”

The Shining Path is one of the hardest, longest rock climbing routes at El Potrero Chico. The route is graded a 5.12+, meaning it is reserved only for expert climbers who train regularly.

Alex Honnold was the first person to free solo the same route.