WATCH: Emirates Airbus A380 makes a tricky crosswind landing in Manchester

Blustery conditions caused by Storm Atiyah in the UK

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It takes a lot to knock the world's biggest commercial passenger plane around.

But blustery conditions caused by Storm Atiyah in the United Kingdom were severe enough to rock an Emirates Airbus A380 from side to side during a tricky landing in Manchester.

Footage by YouTube planespotter AviationUpclose, above, shows the Emirates pilot masterfully keeping the jetliner straight despite gales blowing between 30 and 45 knots (55 to 80kph).

On landing, the left side of the landing gear touches down slightly before the right.

And to prove bigger is sometimes better on windy landings, take a look at the rest of the approaches featuring an Airbus A321 and Boeing 737 in the rest of the video. Which plane would you want to be on?