Travellers can now book sustainable tours with Lonely Planet

Carbon-neutral Lonely Planet Experiences can be booked in 65 destinations around the world

Lonely Planet has made its first foray into the world of touring launching Lonely Planet Experiences. The carbon neutral trips can be booked in 65 destinations across six continents.
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If acquiring a Lonely Planet guidebook before you travel has long been your holiday must-do, get set to be excited.

The publisher is bringing its guidebooks to life with the launch of Lonely Planet Experiences.

Partnering with Intrepid Travel — a leader in sustainable adventure travel — Lonely Planet Experiences offer travellers access to 300 sustainable group tours across the globe.

Taking place in 65 cities around the world, the experiences are geared towards independent travellers that want a led-tour coupled with the freedom to explore.

Adventurers can pick from 200 day-tours and 130 multi-day adventures. Each trip is designed to make use of Lonely Planet's travel expertise while utilising Intrepid Travel's sustainable touring know-how.

Sustainable travel

All Lonely Planet Experiences are designed to have a low environmental footprint and a positive impact on local communities.

Tours will take place in small groups, with a maximum of 16 travellers — and will be led by a local leader. They will make use of local transportation, support locally owned-businesses and be 100 per cent carbon-neutral.

Experiences range from two-hour trips to 22 day adventures. On the list are bucket-list favourites like seeing the sunrise over the Taj Mahal, road tripping across the USA or visiting Japan for cherry blossom season.

There's also lots of hidden gems to be found. Travellers can book to see the fairy chimneys in Cappadocia or get to grips with Vietnamese culture on a local foodie-tour from Vietnam's north to south.

Middle East adventures 

In the Middle East, Lonely Planet Experiences are available to book in several destinations. In Jordan, travellers can travel to the heart of the golden-red facade of Petra’s Treasury, one of the most iconic historical images in the world.

Another experience in Egypt offers a 15-day exploration of the country taking in a Nile cruise, bustling Cairo and archaeology finds in Alexandria.

In Dubai, the Lonely Planet Experience leads travellers through the city's old-world charms taking in the Alfahidi district and all its historical treasures.

"For over four decades, travellers have looked to Lonely Planet for trusted travel advice. Now, global explorers looking for the inside track can journey along with us on this new range of tours. This is an exciting innovation and evolution for the Lonely Planet brand," said Luis Cabrera, CEO of Lonely Planet.

Available across six continents, the tours will take travellers behind the scenes of a destination via local food and drink explorations, and offer local secrets and trusted insights from those in the know.

All travellers booking a Lonely Planet Experience will also get discount on the relevant guidebook and free access to the Lonely Planet Guides app.