Travel Essentials: waterproof camera cases

Developments in materials such as flexible plastics have made it possible to house your camera safely in a waterproof cocoon without too much fuss and expense.

Ikelite housing for the Canon 5D Mark II (Courtesy: Ikelite Underwater Systems)
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Ewa-marine SplashiX waterproof camera case

This housing is made from pliable, laminated PVC with a glass lens cover. It's lightweight, easy to use and effective at protecting your camera in depths of up to six metres. It's also a good way to start using your camera underwater without spending a lot of money. There are three different sizes, each available with either a short or long viewing port to fit a wide variety of compact cameras. Available from from US$64 (Dh235), plus shipping.

DiCAPac WP-S5 waterproof SLR case

Most brands of DSLR cameras will fit in this case, which measures 27cm wide by 23cm high and weighs 500g. It's waterproof to depths of five metres and a UV coating on the lens cover helps create crisper and clearer images. Finger sleeves are built into the case to make it easier to access the buttons and it also comes with a neck strap. Available from from US$99.90 (Dh367), plus shipping.

Ikelite housing for Canon 5D Mark II

This company has been creating camera housings for more than 35 years and their products are both impressive and expensive: the polycarbonate case with big handles can be used at depths up to 60 metres. Each housing has external knobs and buttons which control the camera's functions. There's also a large magnifier to make the camera's viewfinder easy to see. Ikelite ( creates many different cases for use with cameras by major manufacturers, such as Canon, Nikon, Olympus and Pentax. Available from from $1,600 (Dh5,877), plus shipping.

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