The full list of countries where commercial passenger flights are grounded due to the coronavirus

With passenger flights grounded in and out of the UAE, here is a growing list of places where the Covid-19 pandemic has caused air travel to shut down

Both Sri Lanka, left, and Georgia, right, have grounded commercial flights. 
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As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to spread, almost all countries across the world have implemented some sort of travel advisory in an effort to contain the spread of the virus.

But several destinations, including the UAE, have taken this one step further and issued outright suspensions on passenger flights in and out of the country.

The UAE temporarily halted all incoming, outgoing and transit passenger flights from Tuesday, March 24. Home to the world's busiest airport in terms of passenger numbers, the move cut services across Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah international airports.

The UAE joined more than 100 countries, where taking a commercial passenger flight is no longer an option.

Countries where flights are grounded


All flights to and from Albania are suspended until further notice. All borders are closed (with the exception of freight) to all nationals. Following these measures, and those taken by neighbouring countries, there are now no commercial means of leaving Albania, except for limited repatriation special services.


From March 19, all international passenger flights to and from Algeria were suspended. All land borders have been closed and ferry services are also suspended.


Commercial airlines have suspended flights in and out of Afghanistan and the length of these suspensions is undefined. There are very limited domestic flights operating in the country.


All international passenger flights to and from Angola are suspended from March 20 until further notice. Cargo flights continue to operate as well as special services for humanitarian reasons.

Antigua and Barbuda

The Caribbean islands of Antigua and Barbuda suspended flights in and out of the country from April 23, until at least May 14. Only cargo and repatriation flights, plus regional flights to the Dominican Republic are operating.


The main international airport in Belize closed to all passenger flights on March 23, following the closure of the rest of the country's exit and entry ports. Cargo flights can still fly to and from Belize.


Burundi authorities have announced the suspension of flights in and out of Bujumbura International Airport except for cargo flights. Screening measures are in place at both air and road borders, and anyone arriving on repatriation flights will have to quarantine for 14 days.


Cameroon's land, sea and air borders have been closed since March 18. All international flights are suspended and no entry visas are being issued.

Cape Verde

All flights are suspended other than special services and cargo flights. This will last until at least May 2. All sea crossings and flights between the islands have also stopped.

Cayman Islands

International passenger flights in and out of the islands in the western Caribbean Sea are suspended for three weeks, from March 22.


All international flights to Cameroon are suspended from March 18 for a period of at least one month, but an exact end date has not been issued.


All flights for passengers are suspended from March 18 in the South American country. Chile has also closed all land and sea borders to travellers.


From March 23, as part of strict isolation measures in Colombia, all airports across the country will close to international traffic. This means no travellers can fly in or out of the country for the next 30 days. The measures may be extended further and foreigners cannot enter the country until May 30.


There are currently no known cases of coronavirus in Comoros and authorities have introduced measures to keep it that way. These include the suspension of all international passenger flights until further notice.

Costa Rica

All commercial passenger flights have ceased operating to and from Costa Rica until further notice. The last special repatriation flight operated by Lufthansa departed on April 1.

C’ote d’Ivoire

Flights for all passengers are suspended from March 23, until further notice. This does not apply to aircraft on humanitarian or security missions.


All commercial and charter flights are suspended from Cuba from April 1 until further notice. tAll foreign sea vessels have also been informed to leave Cuban waters. Humanitarian flights have licence to continue flying.

Democratic Republic of the Congo

All international passenger flights to and from the Democratic Republic of the Congo are suspended from March 20 until further notice. Land and maritime borders are closed and only open to cargo.


Passenger flights to and from Djibouti are suspended until further notice in a bid to stem the spread of Covid-19 via air traffic.


Both airports on the tiny island of Dominica were closed on March 26 as the country shut its borders to all commercial traffic. Cargo and repatriation flights may still operate and the situation is subject to change at short notice. There is a State of Emergency in place until 11 May.

Dominican Republic

Passenger flights to the Dominican Republic are suspended. There will be no flights in or out of the country until further notice.


All passenger flights to Ecuador are suspended until further notice and there will also be no outgoing flights for the same period. This excludes cargo flights


The Egyptian government has announced that air traffic to and from the country is suspended from March 19 until further notice. This does not include domestic and cargo flights.

El Salvador

El Salvador International Airport has suspended all passenger flight operations in and out of the Central American country until further notice. During this time frame, only cargo and humanitarian flights will be allowed to travel to the country.

Equatorial Guinea

Flights to Equatorial Guinea are suspended. Authorities announced the suspension of all international flights until further notice. All land, sea and air borders have also been closed indefinitely.


The Fijian government has halted all passenger flights in and out of Nadi Airport from March 26. There's also measures in place to limit internal travel around Fiji. From March 29, there will be a complete suspension of travel to the outer islands.


From midnight on Monday, March 23, airspace will be closed with the exception of medical cargo flights. The land border with Senegal will also be closed with the exception of essential supplies and security personnel.


All flights to Ghana are suspended throughout April. In response to a rising number of coronavirus cases, the government announced the closure of the country’s borders from March 23 until further notice. No international passenger flights will go in or out of the country during this time.


All scheduled passenger flights to or from Georgia have now been cancelled and the move is for an indefinite period. There is one exception being operated by Air Zena in co-ordination with the Georgian Government, but it is only for the purpose of repatriation and for a limited period.


On April 12, Guatemalan authorities announced the extension of the prohibition of all international and domestic flights until the further notice.


There are no commercial routes out of Guinea Bissau until further notice. This includes all commercial air travel as well as all land and sea border crossings. Travellers that need to return home may be able to leave on specially arranged European repatriation flights.


South America's Guyana cancelled all international passenger flights to and from the country's main airports. This began on March 17, but some repatriation flights have been allowed to leave since then. The closure is expected to last for the foreseeable future. Land exit or entry to Venezuela is also suspended.


Honduras has closed its land, air and maritime borders for the transit of people. Borders are only open for the transportation of cargo and supplies. This is throughout April and could be extended further.


Authorities in India have banned all scheduled international passengers flights landing in India, or set to depart from any of the countries airports from March 23 until May 3. This has been further extended but some expatriation flights may operate during this time. Domestic flights are also suspended from March 24 and all passenger train services are suspended.


The Iraqi Civil Aviation Authority has suspended all passenger flights in and out of the country with the exception of cargo flights and aircraft crossing Iraqi airspace. All airports in Iraq are closed to passengers until further notice.


All international passenger flights in and out of Jordan have been grounded since March 17. The country is also under curfew. Flights suspensions are set to last until May 11 and possibly beyond this date.


From March 25, all international flights in and out of Kenya will be suspended. Mandatory quarantine is in place for any travellers landing in Kenya before this date. This suspension was extended on April 6, for another 30 days.


The Republic of Kiribati has suspended international passengers flights. The Bonriki International Airport on the Tarawa atoll is closed until further notice.


All commercial flights are grounded and have been since March 13. This does not apply to diplomatic, humanitarian or repatriation flights approved by the authorities.


Passenger flights to and from Kyrgyzstan are suspended until further notice.


In order to limit the spread of Covid-19 caused by the coronavirus, Latvian authorities have suspended international passenger flights from March 17, until at least May 12.


Lebanon's borders, including Beirut's Rafic Hariri Airport, were closed on March 19. They will stay closed until at least April12. This has been further extended until May 10. Lebanese nationals should contact their nearest embassy if they need to return home.


All passenger flights in and out of Liberia are suspended from March 23 until further notice according to authorities. Cargo, charter and special flights are exempt from this measure.


From March 23, all passenger flights to and from Luxembourg Airport are suspended.


International passenger flights to and from Madagascar are suspended until further notice. Cruise ships are not currently permitted to berth in Madagascar’s ports.


Flights between Mauritania and all other countries are suspended and no travellers can enter. All land border crossings are also closed until further notice.


All international passenger flights are suspended until further notice according to Mongolian authorities. International rail services are also temporarily halted and travellers cannot cross by road into Russia.


Passenger flights to and from Morocco are suspended until June 1, as are all commercial ferry links from Morocco to Spain and Gibraltar. The measures are in place until further notice following the country declaring a state of health emergency on March 20.


Currently all international commercial flights into and out of Myanmar have been suspended by the Government of Myanmar. Repatriation flights continue.


Namibia declared a state of emergency on March 17 and closed its borders and ports to foreign nationals and non-residents entering the country. All commercial flights in and out of the country have been suspended.


All international flights to Nepal have been suspended from March 22. The suspension is set to run until further notice as a response to the coronavirus pandemic.


All airports in Nigeria are closed to all international commercial flights until at least May 7. Hotels in the country cannot host gatherings of more than 25 people, meaning many of them have closed down event spaces and have limits on the number of guests that can dine in restaurants.

North Macedonia

The borders of North Macedonia are closed and the country has declared a state of emergency. Both Skopje International Airport and St Paul the Apostle Airport in Ohrid are closed to flights, other than for state, military, medical and emergency flights.


After restricting entry to residents and nationals only, the Omani Government will introduce a suspension on all international flights to and from the country from March 29. All tourists currently visiting the sultanate are advised to leave before this date.


All international flights to and from Pakistan are suspended until further notice.  Authorities introduced the measures citing exception circumstances. Some special charter flights are working to repatriate foreigners in the country.


The Paraguayan government announced on March 24 that all passenger flights in and out of the country are suspended until further notice. These restrictions have since been extended.


Normal commercial flights are no longer flying in or out of Panama. These flight restrictions will be in place until at least May 22. The measures were introduced by authorities alongside strict quarantine rules for the entire country that took effect on March 25.


All borders were closed for an initial period of 15 days with effect from March 16. This was extended to April 12 and is now ongoing. No flights can arrive or depart from then for a one-month period. Some specially arranged diplomatic flights are trying to repatriate travellers.


Poland has closed its borders to travellers. The last international flight left Poland on April 5 after which international passenger flights in and out of the country are suspended until further notice.  Hotels and short term accommodation are closed to new guests from April 2.


From March 20, all passenger flights are suspended until further notice. Inside the country, there is also a ban on travelling between cities and districts.


Samoa is extending its existing ban on flight connections with Australia and New Zealand to include all international flights to and from the island nation. From March 26, until May 2 no planes, cruise ships or yachts can enter Samoa.

Saudi Arabia

Travellers can no longer get visas for entry into Saudi Arabia and no international passenger flights can fly in or out of the kingdom. From March 20, domestic flights are also suspended across Saudi Arabia.


The international airport in the Seychelles is closed to all international passenger flights. This was originally until the end of May but has now been extended into June. Exemptions are in place for repatriation flights of foreign nationals from the Seychelles, emergency diversions and special mission flights.

Solomon Islands

The Solomon Islands authorities have introduced a number of precautionary measures in response to the coronavirus pandemic. The last international flight departed Honiara on March 27 and the airport is now closed to all international passenger flights. Cargo and special services are permitted.


Serbia has closed all its borders. The country has closed all airports to international passenger flights until further notice. All border crossings for road, rail and river transport are also closed, except for freight traffic.


All commercial flights have been suspended in and out of the country from March 20. Some diplomatic flights are being sourced to help travellers currently in the country to return home.


The country closed its three international airports at Bratislava, Kosice and Poprad on March 13. International rail and bus services have also ceased. At the time of publishing, any travellers currently in Slovakia could still leave by road to Austria, but this could change.


Authorities announced the cancellation of air traffic, including all passenger flights from March 16. Some travellers can cross the border to Croatia to fly in or out of Zagreb.

South Africa

South African airspace has closed to all commercial airlines from midnight on March 26, until at least April 16. Internal flights will also be grounded for the same period, and public transport across the country will shutdown. The country has since extended its flight ban for commercial airlines and It is not yet clear when the South African authorities will permit normal commercial flights to start operating again.

Sri Lanka 

In response to the pandemic, Sri Lankan authorities shut down all airports from March 19 until May 15. No passenger flights can go in or out of the island nation during this period.


Travellers are not allowed to transit or enter Sudan and all international commercial passenger flights are suspended in response to the coronavirus outbreak.

St Lucia

All airports across St Lucia are closed until further notice. No cruise vessels are permitted to dock in St Lucia at  this time.


Anyone hoping to travel to or from Tajikistan will have to wait as the country's civil aviation authority has suspended all flights to and from the central Asian destination. This started on March 20 and is ongoing until further notice.


Thailand has suspended all incoming and outgoing passenger flights from April 3 until further notice. Repatriation flights and cargo services will continue to operate. Any passengers returning to Thailand on such flight will need to quarantine for 14 days upon arrival.


The Kingdom of Tonga issued a national lockdown to begin on March 29 until April 18. As part of this, international flights to Tonga are diverted until Friday, June 12 June, except for flights approved by the Ministry of Health.

Trinidad and Tobago

The Trinidad and Tobago government announced the closure of its borders to all international flights effective March 22. This closure is for an indefinite period.


International passenger flights are suspended and sea borders are closed until further notice. The country is also under curfew, from 6pm to 6am daily with restrictions on all non-essential movements.


After limiting flights for weeks, Turkish authorities closed the country's borders on March 29. All international commercial flights, both direct and transit, are now suspended until further notice. Turkish Airlines, the national airline of Turkey, has also suspended all international flights to all destinations until at least May 28. The airline had originally suspended international flights with the exception of Addis Ababa, Hong Kong, Moscow, New York and Washington until April 17.


In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, all international scheduled commercial flights to and from Turkmenistan have been suspended, and all road borders are closed indefinitely. The International Seaport of Turkmenistan at Turkmenbashi is also closed to passenger traffic.


All flights are set to be grounded in and out of the country. There is no clear date for when these restrictions will be lifted but Etihad, the national airline, plans to recommence flying on June 16 if restrictions are lifted. No transit passengers will be allowed to enter the country during this time. Some repatriation flights are operating to take foreign nationals home.


All international flights in and out of Uganda are suspended from March 22 until further notice in a bid to limit the spread of Covid-19. Entebbe international Airport is closed to passenger planes and land borders are closed.


Ukrainian authorities closed the country to international passenger flights until further notice. This follows the closure of the country's land borders which happened on March 17. Train and bus services to and from Ukraine are also suspended.


All commercial flights in and out of the country have been suspended until further notice. It may be possible for foreign nationals to depart Uzbekistan via its land borders, but this is unlikely.


The government of Vanuatu declared a State of Emergency on March 26. As part of this, there are no longer international passenger flights operating in or out of the island nation.