Hotels in the Caribbean thrive thanks to Justin Bieber

The singer's Despacito lyrics are apparently sending vacationers to Puerto Rico

Las Casitas Village, A Waldorf Astoria resort. Courtesy
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Justin Bieber has some serious selling power. has announced a 45 per cent increase in travellers to the Caribbean, attributing the surge in popularity to the hit track Despacito. 

The song, produced originally by Spanish artists Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee, was remixed by Bieber earlier this summer, sending it to the top of the charts all over the world. And, while there has been controversy over the fact that the Canadian singer can never seem to remember the Spanish lyrics during his live performances, it looks like vacationers are still inspired by the catchy vocals. One verse, sung towards the end of the song by Fonsi, mentions Puerto Rico by name: "Despacito, this is how we do it down in Puerto Rico..."

"Puerto Rico has long been a vacation destination, but to many travellers it is still pretty unknown," says Isabelle Pinson, vice president at "We know popular culture has a strong influence on our travel decisions, and as Puerto Rico is the home of singers Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee, and gets a big shout-out in their hit song, it seems to be encouraging more people to explore this great destination."

In light of this latest travel trend, has recommended five top-rated hotels in the Caribbean: