Essentials: travel toothbrushes

After a long-haul flight, there's nothing better than a sleek toothbrush that dispenses toothpaste.

Fresh & Go toothbrush and paste. Courtesy of fresh&go
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OHSO Marko Pocket Toothbrush

This sleek toothbrush looks like a pen and works on a similar principle. One half of the brush is a chamber, whose top fits the threads of most tubes of toothpaste. It uses a vacuum system. Screw on the tube of toothpaste and turn the button at the bottom to fill the chamber. It will hold enough toothpaste for about three brushes. Then put on the brush head and turn the button the opposite way to apply toothpaste to the brush. It sounds complicated, but is very simple and works very well.

Available from for $20.94 (Dh77) plus shipping.

Fresh & Go toothbrush and toothpaste

For a disposable toothbrush, the nylon bristles on this brush are surprisingly soft and rounded, although they are not suitable for daily use. The handle contains mint-flavoured fluoride toothpaste. Twist the dial on the handle to dispense. There is enough to use about 30 times. This brush also comes with a plastic cover to protect the head.

Available from for $21.37 (Dh78) plus shipping for a pack of 12.

Colgate Wisp Mini-Brush

Each of these toothbrushes is wrapped in foil. Open it; use it once; and put it back in this package to throw away. You don't need to use any water or toothpaste and you do not need to rinse your mouth after use. Each brush has beads on it that burst on contact with your mouth. The liquid cleans your mouth, is safe to swallow and comes in three flavours: peppermint, spearmint and cinnamint.

Available from for $15.66 (Dh58) plus shipping for 32 brushes.