50 of the most stunning new images from Google Earth View

Take a look at our pick from the spectacular batch of pictures from space released by Google

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If you ever need a reminder of how extraordinary our planet is, just take a look at Google Earth View.

From the wonders of man-made structures, to nature forcing its hand upon our shores, you can find yourself left open-mouthed at both the beauty and starkness that has been captured in its collection of landscapes seen from space.

And now there are new works of art to feast your eyes upon after Google released a new batch of more than 1,000 new images to its collection bringing the total to more than 2,500.

From the zig-zagging runways of the United States' huge airports, to the deserts of Africa and the Middle East and the straight-lined fields of the Netherlands – there's a new contrast and detail in every image.

Google said the new imagery features more locations around the world and has been optimised for today's high-resolution screens.

You can see our pick of 50 of the best from the new batch in the gallery at the top of the screen, and a selection of 25 from UAE, Saudi Arabia and wider region in the slideshow below.

The images can be downloaded from Google and used as digital wallpapers.


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