The Hit List: Binge-watch Narcos on Netflix, the must have cat toy of the season and more

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Try breakfast with a modern twist at the retro-styled Azkadenya in Marina Mall
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Binge-watch Narcos on Netflix

Check out the television series Narcos on Netflix. The first two seasons of the series follows the rise and fall of the famous Colombian kingpin Pablo Escobar. The trailer of the third season came out earlier this week, and the episodes are due to come out on September 1. The gangster drama series is fast-paced and perfect binge-watch material, with its edge-of-the seat moments and explicit portrayal of the extent of criminal activity in Colombia from the late 70s to mid-90s. Also watch for excellent performances by the actors who play the roles of Escobar (Wagner Moura), his wife Tata (Paulina Gaitan), and DEA officer Javier Peña (Pedro Pascal).

A cat-approved toy worth the splurge

Cats are often fickle creatures. No matter how much money you spend on a toy, it makes no difference to a cat. One moment they'll be mesmerised by a new toy, only to move onto box the toy came in instead. However, on a whim while shopping one day, I decided to give the Yeowww! Yellow Banana Catnip Toy a try. At only Dh39, it was much cheaper than other catnip toys I've come across in the past that didn't seem to do the trick. Immediately upon bringing it home, I was impressed by how much attention one of my cats gave it. He was curious in the beginning, and started to roll around with the toy before kicking and chasing it around. I loved how active it made him. Even months later, if I hide the toy and re-introduce it, the cats don't seem to realise it's already a toy they've come to know. They still show as much enthusiasm and energy towards it as if it were brand new. Each banana is filled with organically grown catnip and seem to be sturdy enough where nothing leaks out. It can be purchased from

A funky burger joint that is easy on the pocket

Burgers are taking over the city. You can't walk down a street in the capital without passing a burger joint. The latest is Graffiti Burger. I came across it while walking down part of Airport Road, close to the Abu Dhabi Media Building, where a cluster of eateries and karak cafes have developed. Graffiti Burger stands out because of its funky wall art and lighting. Burgers start from Dh23; fries from Dh7, and they also offer sliders and hot dogs. The restaurant does deliver, but it's also worth dropping in to check out the decor. It opens from midday. 

A decadent breakfast

Start your day off with a delicious Middle Eastern breakfast with a modern twist at Azkadenya in Marina Mall. The retro-style restaurant, which takes its inspiration from 1950s to 1990s vintage Arabian design, serves a variety of morning meals including freshly baked Manaeesh topped with zaatar and labneh or with Nutella, banana and hazelnut. If you prefer to start your day with eggs, you can choose from sunny side up, shakshuka, and omelette with akkawi cheese. Plus, they also offer smoothies, fresh juices, fruit and herb teas and Turkish coffee. Azkadenya is open daily, 10am to midnight and serves breakfast until 1pm, Marina Mall, Abu Dhabi, 02 621 2788

Compiled by The National staff