The all-new Rolls-Royce Phantom - in pictures

See just-released images of the grand British automotive icon's latest incarnation

Feast your eyes on Rolls-Royce’s just-unveiled Phantom, the eighth generation of one of the oldest production-car monikers in the world, having first emerged in 1925.

The new car replaces the Phantom VII, which ceased production last year. It debuts a new all-aluminium spaceframe architecture, which goes by the slightly overblown name the Architecture of Luxury and will be the basis for future Rolls models.

The company has labelled it "the most technologically advanced Rolls-Royce ever", thanks to a laundry list of driver aids, and "the most silent motor car in the world", helped by 6-millimetre, two-layer glazing and more than 130 kilograms of sound insulation.

It’s still no slouch, however, with a new 6.75L twin-turbo V12 producing vital torque and power statistics of 900Nm and 563bhp respectively.


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The exterior design seems to take a few cues from the drop-top, two-door Ghost, but the full-sized Phantom retains its rear “suicide”-style doors.

“The new Phantom points the way forward for the global luxury industry,” Rolls-Royce chief executive Torsten Müller-Ötvös says. “It is a creation of great beauty and power, a dominant symbol of wealth and human achievement. It is an icon and an artwork that embraces the personal desires of each of our individual customers.”

The UAE has long been at the top of Rolls' global sales lists, with its Abu Dhabi and Dubai dealerships going head to head for top honours, so expect to see the Phantom on our roads before long.

The new Phantom will cost from $500,000 (Dh1.8 million) and deliveries are expected to arrive in the UAE at the turn of the year.

Click through our gallery above to see the car inside and out.