People have been sharing their at-home haircut fails and it's a good job they can't go out

PSA: This is not the time to bring back the bowl cut

People have been sharing their at-home haircut fails. Twitter / Instagram
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As the weeks at home roll on, the idea of a DIY haircut is becoming more and more tempting.

Some are reaching for the scissors out of necessity, while for others, it’s sheer boredom. But those trying the at-home haircut trend are, unsurprisingly, achieving varying levels of success.

While a haircut may look easy after watching a couple of YouTube tutorials, many people are learning the hard way that it’s much trickier than it looks.

People have taken to social media to share their haircut fails, and let’s just say it’s a good job they won’t be going out in public any time soon.

From uneven layers to DIY fringes, there have been plenty of hair mishaps happening during quarantine.

“Hair cut in the time of covid #wife #fail #COVID2019 #StayHomeSaveLives #donttrythisathome”, wrote one user.

Another shared a picture of the haircut she gave her husband alongside hashtag #thehorror.

There have even been dedicated Instagram pages set up for people to share their “corona cuts”, and it seems far too many people are bringing back bowls as a way to gauge length.

People also seem to using this time as a way to experiment with styles they haven’t been brave enough to try before, for fear they might have to actually turn up at the office like that. A Mohican, for example.

Singer Pink was among the stars to try a DIY haircut, taking to Instagram to say she thought it was a “really, really brilliant idea”. However, she shortly followed it up with an image showing her hair with a large chunk missing, urging people not to follow her example.

If you absolutely must try a haircut at home, do yourself a favour, and follow the advice of an expert barber.


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