Nazim Alim: how to make modest wear work for you

London-based designer, Nazim Alim, shares her expert advice on making modest wear work for you

Popular British modest-wear brand Aab launched at Debenhams in the UAE earlier this summer. While the label, which was launched 10 years ago by London-based Nazim Alim, is a favourite among British Muslims, the brand targets modesty-conscious clients from all kinds of backgrounds.

“What we’re offering is something called an alternative fashion choice, so you don’t have to be Muslim,” Alim told The National during her recent trip to Dubai. “Some women generally do like to just be a bit conservative with their dressing – maybe they’re not happy with their arms and don’t want to show them off – so pieces like our kimonos are perfect.”

Here are the designer’s top tips for dressing stylishly while remaining modest, with the help of some of Aab’s signature pieces.

1. Invest in kimonos – they're great for covering up over your casual clothes, but can also lift your entire look. Our Golden Oud Kimono can take you from desk to dinner.
2. It's important to look good and on-trend, but equally to be comfortable – the majority of Aab products are made from natural fabrics, helping you to beat the heat this summer and beyond.
3. It's not just about being fashionable – selecting key style staples such as our slips and coordinating trousers, means you can mix and match your looks with different kimonos, giving the same item a different look each time.
4. Modesty means that your dress code should cover the majority of your body, so opt for our freestyle kimonos to provide complete coverage while staying on-trend.
5. Light layers look great in hotter climates, so pair our shirt dresses with trousers during the day or wear a slip below and keep your shirt front open – in the evening add a kimono to transform your look.
6. Choose colours that you are comfortable with – if you feel confident, you will look good, too.
7. Modesty means keeping things toned down – opt for our neutral colour palette, so you can still look stylish without overdoing it. 
8. When looking for clothing, opt for the cuts that suit you – it's important to wear clothing that is cut to flatter your body shape.
9. Whether you wear a hijab or not, our pure chiffon silk scarves are perfect for adding that glamourous touch. For hijab-wearers, these scarves are practically weightless and airy, leaving you feeling cool and comfortable. Or, simply drape them over your outfits or round your neck to protect yourself from the Sun.
10. Finally – keep accessories to a minimum; if your outfit looks great don't ruin your look by over-accessorising.

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