No need to cut your SIM card for Apple's iPad: Etisalat

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When Apple first announced the iPad, it curiously included a new micro-SIM card that would be required for the device to use 3G networks. Prior to Apple's announcement, the only device that used a micro-SIM was a GPS watch available in the US.

The move also left carriers scrambling to make sure they had enough of these new fangled micro-SIM's around before the demand of iPad (and soon, iPhone 4G) users overwhelmed card manufacturers.

carefully cut a duplicate Etisalat SIM card to fit inside his new device. Although Omar Kassim came perilously close to actually cutting the chip itself, he is likely the first (or one of the first) people in the UAE with a functional and fully working iPad 3G

Well, you can put your scissors and knives away because Etisalat's SIM card engineers have fashioned a solution to the micro-SIM problem.

The operator has launched a special "dual usage" micro-SIM card where the smaller chip can be also set onto a larger piece of plastic that can work in a normal mobile.

"We launched the Micro SIM Card to fulfill the demand of our customers who are looking forward to receive best technologies and services compatible with latest telecommunication devices," said Khalifa al Shamsi, the vice president of consumer marketing for Etisalat.

"The new SIM card is designed to provide high speed internet for iPads, and is future ready for upcoming mobility devices that combine voice and data applications."

No word if du is ready to launch a similar offer. And, in case you were wondering, we still have no idea when the iPad will be officially launched in the UAE.

Here's the full press release which includes the various ways one could get your own special micro-SIM card:

Etisalat Launches the first Multi-Usage Micro SIM Card Compatible with Apple iPad 3G

Abu Dhabi, May 3, 2010: Etisalat today announced the launch of a Micro SIM Card that is compatible with Apple iPad. The first such SIM Card, to be launched in the region, the micro SIM card has a special dual usage design making it compatible with both a normal mobile phone and the iPad device, which requires Mobile Broadband Internet access. Available for both postpaid and prepaid plans, customers have the flexibility to utilize the SIM card through Tawa'am (duplicate SIM with the same number), only for data service, or as a normal SIM card for their existing devices.
Tawa'am SIM Card
Current customers can also get Micro SIM Card through Tawa'am service which enables them to get two SIMs with the same number. This will allow them to use their current date package subscription with any device; Tawa'am SIM Card is available for a one-time payment of AED 100.

Data SIM card & replacement
Customers can also purchase the Micro SIM Card for data use only, priced at AED25. Etisalat customers can replace their existing SIM cards with the Micro SIM card, by visiting the Etisalat business center.

Postpaid mobile service
Customers can additionally avail of the ongoing postpaid promotion while purchasing the Micro SIM card for their postpaid number or through Tawa'am. Priced at AED 100, the promotion entitles customers to 100 minutes of local calls and 100 SMS's credited to their accounts over a period of five months.

Customers can also benefit from the ongoing Wasel promotion, while purchasing the Micro SIM Card for their Wasel account. As part of the ongoing promotion priced  at AED 75, customers will receive back AED 25 as free credit immediately when they activate the Micro SIM Card, reducing the cost of the new card to AED 50 only. The free credit can be used for local, international calls and SMS, and it can be used within three months after activating the Micro SIM Card. Customers can dial *121*8# to know their free credit balance.