I-Spy: Volkswagen's 1.0L XL1 on course for 2013 launch

Volkswagen's long-awaited 1.0L car nears completion.

Volkswagen XL1.
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In February, Volkswagen confirmed that it would build a limited series of its long-awaited 1.0L car, likely to be named the XL1 when it hits the roads next year, and this photo proves Volkswagen is serious about that schedule. The XL1 was first shown in concept guise at the Qatar Motor Show last year. According to Volkswagen, the XL1 will achieve a combined fuel consumption of 0.9L/100km and CO emissions of 24g/km. The XL1 uses a two-cylinder turbodiesel engine displacing 800cc and rated at 47hp, transmitting its power to the rear wheels through a seven-speed DSG transmission. An electric motor pitches in with 27hp and can work in parallel with the diesel or drive the car independent of it. Fully charged, the XL1 can travel up to 35km on electric power. The design incorporates gull-wing doors, with the interior seating layout using a staggered side-by-side arrangement for two people.