Go Gear: Funky furniture made out of cars

Forget furniture inspired by vehicle design. Pick up one of these three pieces made from genuine car parts.

The Chevy couch.
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Table set for take-off

Another throwback to a vintage period in car design are Cadillac's famous rocket-style tail lights and, inspired by this, furniture craftsman Steve Heller decided it was time to put the tail lights on the table. Among various other automotive furniture creations, Steve developed these novel table lamps equipped with rocket light, mechanical fixture and wood-varnish base at his studio in New York state.

Visit www.fabulousfurnitureon28.com. Dh2,390.

Park your rear in the boot

There's something enduringly cool about 1950s Americana. From the cars to the diners and the clothing, it never seems to go out of fashion. And that's also true of 1950s cars that have been made into furniture, especially this rear end Chevrolet 1957. Made from a real back end of a Chevy, this custom-built couch features a striking red leather seat and cushions.

Check out www.sweetsofas.com for more information. Prices start from Dh12,000.

It'll drive you to sleep

Adding a rock 'n' roll edge is this amazing Mercury car that's been transformed into a double bed. Custom car mechanic turned furniture fanatic Jake designed this flaming hot bed, one of several wacky creations on his website. With a set of working headlights, a flaming wood and leather headboard and a boot that opens up for storage space, it's more of an eye-opener than a sleep-enducer.

Check it out on www.jakeschopshop.com.