Go Gear: Clock a fun time with these car-inspired timepieces

Repurposing motoring gear and design, these clocks keep you on your mark.

Clocky, www.nandahome.com, Dh165
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A wheely good alarm

When the alarm goes off with "Clocky" and you hit snooze, the next time it goes off it will jump off the bedside table and race across the floor, forcing you out bed to chase it down and turn it off. Be warned though: if you hit the spritely Clocky with a hammer he may not work again.

Available from www.nandahome.com for Dh165 (batteries not included).

Timing is in the gearing

Made from recovered Chevrolet engine parts, each clock is an original, with parts numbers and specs visible in the metal. The clock is a quartz component with red and white hands, and the small gear can be engraved, at extra cost, by the metal artist Steven Shaver.

The price starts at Dh326; from www.cruisingoods.com, contact the site for more information.

Sending time into a spin

You'd better really like cars if you're thinking of this alarm clock: the tyre spins and a racing-through-the-gears sound effect is sure to wake you up. The hour hand is a mini wrench and the minute a screwdriver.

Available from www.brenspeed.com for Dh96 (batteries not included, comes with a three-year warranty).