The Supreme Oreo is selling for nearly Dh59,000 on eBay

Streetwear label Supreme is launching branded Oreos - and they are already finding their way onto the black market

The Oreo Surpreme cookies being auctioned on Ebay currently have a $15,999 price tag.    
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Supreme is no stranger to hype. Since launching in Manhattan’s SoHo neighbourhood in 1994, the streetwear giant’s aura of exclusivity and strategy of limited distribution has made its wares much-coveted among hip millennial shoppers - who are willing to queue for hours if it means they’ll be the first to get their hands on one of the brand’s new “drops”.

Every Thursday the fashion label Supreme, which is a skateboarding shop / clothing brand releases new lines and so fans of the brand queue outside this shop in Soho to be first in line for some original fashions in London, England, United Kingdom. (photo by Mike Kemp/In PIctures via Getty Images)
Supreme fans queue outside the brand's shop in Soho, London, EnglanD. GettY

But the hype around one of Supreme’s latest products has gone into overdrive. As part of its spring/summer 2020 accessories line, Supreme is selling branded Oreos. The brand partnered with Nabisco to create the bright red double-stuffed designer snack, which has the Supreme logo indented onto it.

While they have not yet been made officially available, one packet of the cookies is currently selling on eBay for an eye-watering $15,999 (Dh59,000). It is unclear whether these are the genuine article, or black market rip-offs, but we have no doubt that some Supreme fan, somewhere, will deem this a worthy investment.

We, on the other hand, will be sticking to the standard variety.