Love is in the air: Twitter user goes viral after capturing budding in-flight romance

Rosey Blair switched seats with a woman, whom she reckons may be seated next to the love of her life. Here's how the whole viral story unfolded

Rosey Blair live-tweeted about a budding plane romance which went viral, but now she faces a harsh backlash for her actions.
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Being seated on a plane next to someone who's a great conversationalist and, hopefully, looks (and smells) pleasant, is every flyer's dream. But what happens if you were sat, quite by chance, next to a person who could potentially be your perfect partner? Well, it goes viral, if captured on social media.

Once upon a time...

Such was the case of a mystery couple who happened to end up sitting together when the woman agreed to trade seats so that Rosey Blair could be next to her boyfriend. Blair, a Twitter user from Texas, then remarked to her partner that she hoped the woman would be seated next to the love of her life.

According to Blair, who tweeted out the interaction from her phone, as soon as the man in question boarded, the couple hit it off even before the plane left the runway. There was chatting, smiling, there was (she reckons) some flirting, they both appeared to be single (no wedding bands), and even found common ground - both are personal trainers, and seemingly keep away from alcohol and meat.

This was followed by non-stop conversation, plans to keep in touch after, and some surreptitious arm-touching, with the woman even leaning on the man's shoulder for a quick second.

The duo moved to sharing stories and pictures of their families soon after, and ordered a cheese platter to-share, much to Blair and her boyfriend's glee.

At one point, Blair reported she had run out of free Wi-Fi, but bought an hour's worth so as not to keep her, by now, many followers stranded. At this point, the CEO of T-Mobile, John Legere, jumped in, offering to credit Blair for the extra Wi-Fi.

When the flight was about to land, the couple walked towards - and returned from - the bathrooms together, while Blair prayed her mobile phone battery would keep up.

The last vestiges of the conversation were rather hushed, but Blair made out that they were discussing future life goals at one point.

The enthusiastic romantic even managed to follow the couple out of the flight, and could confirm that they appeared to be leaving the airport together - hard-topped suitcases, backpacks and sneakers in tow.

One of Blair's final videos - which had 1.22 million views when we last checked - reported that the couple were following each other on Instagram. The juicy update she refers to: they live in the same city.

Happily ever after?

Here's hoping Blair's predictions come true. And that the couple take kindly to her well-meaning prying.


The man in the story has outed himself as Euan Holden.

And yes, he has approved the photos that were taken on the flight:

Even better? Here's his message for those who read the story:


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