Wish List: PH Artichoke pendant

This light fixture from Louis Poulsen is a dramatic statement piece and full of unexpected detail.

PH Artichoke light fixture, available in the UAE through Targetti Poulsen (www.louispoulsen.com). Price on request.
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Often there is one light fixture, maybe two, in our homes we consider the centrepiece of our decor. Suspended in the entry hall or the dining room, this light fixture tells a story of our aesthetic, how we envision our personal living space, and ultimately leaves an impression on our guests. One of the favourite ways I have to give character to a space is by using a beautiful light fixture as a dramatic statement, particularly when it introduces an unexpected detail.

The PH Artichoke (although in Denmark, it is often referred to as the "pine cone") fixture from the Danish lighting company Louis Poulsen is a masterpiece of modernism. Originally designed for a restaurant in Copenhagen, it is constructed with 72 metallic leaves installed in an overlapping pattern. The reflected light creates an indirect glow emanating from within the fixture without exposing the light source.

Currently available in four sizes and three finishes, from its introduction in 1958, it has remained an icon of lighting and is never considered out of date.

The PH Artichoke light fixture and all Louis Poulsen lighting products are available in the UAE through Targetti Poulsen (www.louispoulsen.com). Price on request.