Introduce some Mediterranean charm into your home

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This Saturday's edition of House & Home features a stunning summer home on the Greek island of Patmos. It's one of those beautiful places that you see on postcards and wish you could retire to - all locally-sourced materials, whitewashed stone walls and open plan living areas flooded with natural light. The owners of the house, Dutch couple Marianne Manders and Marc Jansen, have been travelling to the island for 30 years and decided it was time to invest in a summer getaway on the slopes of Mt Kapsala. They worked with a local architect to create a house made entirely out of natural materials, using the skills of local craftsmen.

The charm of the place lies in its simplicity. The colour palette is almost entirely white, uplifted with natural woods and interesting details that can be replicated with minimal effort - and cost.

I love the way a bouzouki, the most Greek of musical instruments, has been casually propped up against a wall in the sitting room, creating a decorative feature that anchors the space in its geographical context. The simple glass tea lights scattered across the coffee table also appeal - and it's a look that can be easily copied for Dh100 or so using tea lights holders from Ikea.

Elsewhere, whiter-the-white crockery has been haphazardly stacked on sturdy stone shelves, transforming everyday objects into quirky design elements. Underneath the shelves lies a simple wooden tray overflowing with greenery - another easy way to introduce colour into a space at minimal expense.

White has also been used extensively in the bedroom, but is uplifted with simple touches like this bunch of wild flowers on the bedside table. A simple glass vase adds to the beautifully understated feel of the interior.

See this Saturday's issue of House & Home for more details on this stunningly simple Greek getaway, and more ideas on how to recreate this look in your own home.