Home improvements: Scratch-free cat cleaning

Our plan for giving your cat a wash, without losing an arm.

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When it comes to cleaning, our feline friends can, mostly, be left to their own devices. However, there are occasions when they require human intervention – no easy task if your kitty is prone to turning into a hissing ball of claws at the first sign of water. Here’s our plan for giving your cat a wash without losing an arm.

First, we recommend that you give your cat’s claws a little trim before you even think of getting them in the bath. Then give them a good brush to get rid of any excess fur – this is particularly important with long-haired cats.

Next, tire them out. Schedule cleaning when your cat is at its most relaxed or plot an extended play session to exhaust them before you begin. If at all possible, put some cotton wool in your cat’s ears to keep the water out. Fill your sink with a few inches of lukewarm water and gently lower your cat in. Use a spray nozzle or plastic beaker to thoroughly wet your pet and then gently massage them with specialised cat shampoo – human shampoo will not do the trick. Work in the direction of hair growth, taking care to avoid the face, ears and eyes. Thoroughly rinse your cat off and use a wet washcloth to wipe their face. Dry using a large towel in a warm place and don’t forget to give them a much-deserved treat once you’re done.


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