7 tips on how to mix materials to create matching home interiors

Chris Naylor, general manager of home fashion store aura, shares his advice on mixing and matching hues and textures to create cohesive interiors

Use a piece of art as a focal point, and pick bold hues and different textures to create a room that pops. Courtesy aura
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Our sense of style cannot be defined by just one decor aesthetic. Many times, we fight internally on how to best represent our design personalities, with different styles battling to take precedence within our interiors. The good news is that you needn't be hesitant when it comes to mixing and matching pieces, as the blending of home decor styles is easier than it seems. In fact, incorporating various tastes can actually elevate the design and create a sense of cohesion in a well-put-together room.

Chris Naylor, general manager of independent home fashion store Aura, which was born in Saudi Arabia and has branches in the UAE, offers a few tips on how to make seemingly conflicting styles work for your interiors.

Play with patterns

When mixing and matching, patterns are often the first thing that comes to mind. You can apply them essentially anywhere in the room, from wall coverings to a statement piece of furniture or accessories such as throw pillows. The key to mixing patterns successfully is combining different prints that still have a few common threads to tie them together. Consider keeping your prints within the same colour palette or keep patterns within a theme to give the room a cohesive look. Restraint is key, however. It is recommended to incorporate a maximum of four patterns into one defined space, as well as break up the patterns by using plenty of neutrals in between.

Repeat shapes, colours and patterns throughout the room. Courtesy aura

Mix it up

Organic with geometric; dark with light; busy with simple – this is what makes a room interesting. Sometimes all a room needs is a slight tweak to make the largest impact. Whether it is placing a traditional chandelier over an inherently modern oversized marble table in your dining room, or hanging a piece of pop art above a conventional sofa to offer a unique twist to the vibe of the room, combining different finishes can create a layered appearance that contributes to the overall dynamic of the design.

Be dominant

Although it can be compelling to mix metals in our interiors, it’s important to choose one that is dominant throughout. Decide if gold, silver, bronze or a rose-tone should be the most prominent and pair it with one or two other shiny hues to ensure the room has just enough lustre without completely overpowering the look. For example, a modern marble dining table with golden metallic legs can easily be combined with golden wired metallic chairs while using a contrasting cutlery set in silver, as well as dining ware with a silver trim to add charm and texture.

Decide if gold, silver, bronze or a rose-tone should be the most prominent. Courtesy aura

Add in texture

A room with rough textures often provides substance and comfort in comparison to smooth ones that offer a sleek, modern look. However, putting smooth textures directly next to rough creates depth in a space. The easiest way to add texture into your decor is through fabrics and ­textiles. Start with smaller items, such as cushions, rugs and throws, which can easily be moved around or replaced, should you want a quick ­interior upgrade in the future. Try ­combining a couple of different textures and ­patterns within the same colour palette, pairing with fluffy sheepskin, velvet or satin options to add a cosy element.

Mixing metal with wood

The combination of metal sheen and warm woods is an effortless way to introduce an organic-meets-modern vibe. Metallics are subtle enough in colour and blend beautifully with a variety of different materials to create some truly stunning effects. Take the time to mix and match patterns and materials. Update neutrals, such as wood and marble, by pairing with metallics to create a sophisticated differentiation between materials.

Mix metal with wood to introduce an organic-meets-modern vibe. Courtesy aura

Playing with furniture

Modular sofas, floating shelves, and furnishings with countless colour and size variations are seen as the interiors trend of the season. To give your place a cohesive look, repeat shapes, colours and patterns throughout the room. Try placing outdoor furniture inside the home for a unique aesthetic. Apart from colour and size, selection and positioning are equally important. For example, add a vortex mirrored coffee table and chaise longue together with round pedestal side tables and a fringed velvet sofa in order to achieve balance.

Up the wall

Art is key to setting the tone of any room while adding texture to the decor, whether it be a large eye-­catching painting or a mini gallery. It goes without saying that a great piece of wall art can be the ultimate focal point, drawing the eyes into the space. Whatever you choose, always make sure to accent one colour from the piece, using the same shade for all the accessories in the room, be it on ­cushions or a side sofa, for a more cohesive aesthetic.