This 4,689-square-foot villa is located in Jumeirah Park, one of Nakheel’s latest residenital comunities.

Five-bedroom villa in Jumeirah Park. Jeffrey E Biteng / The National
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Annual rent for a five-bedroom villa in Jumeirah Park

Features This 4,689-square-foot villa is located in Jumeirah Park, one of Nakheel's latest residenital comunities.

Pros You get great views of the Dubai skyline, particularly at night. The garden is of a good size, with a lawn already in place and a swimming pool just waiting to be filled. We like the double sinks in the master bedroom and the Moorish feel of the architecture.

Cons There is construction work going on across the road, which may be a pain. It also means that views from the upper level of the house aren't ideal. Also, the development is still relatively new so there may be teething problems in the short term.

They say Exceptional deal.

We say With rents skyrocketing across Dubai, this is still pretty reasonable for a five-bedroom villa. There are plenty of similar-sized properties across the city going for upwards of Dh500,000. Some perceive the location to be a bit out-of-the-way but, in truth, both Emirates Road and Sheikh Zayed Road are easily accessible.

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