Hollywood's loves and losses

Love comes, and love goes, in Tinseltown, with some relationships sprinkled in fairy dust and others fading away.

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Star-struck stars...

JULIANNA MARGULIES AND KEITH LIEBERTHAL Margulies told Ellen DeGeneres she knew immediately that lawyer Lieberthal was her guy when they met at a dinner party. "When he came over to me, I said, 'Look, I just think you are so handsome. Are you a model or an actor and are you 12 [years old]?'"

MELANIE GRIFFITH AND ANTONIO BANDERAS "I got weak in the knees, and my heart beat really fast," Griffith has said of their meeting on a movie set in 1995. "I said something really stupid, but I can't remember what."

TOM CRUISE AND KATIE HOLMES "I knew that I wanted to marry her after the first day I met her," Cruise told OK! magazine. "What's even more interesting is that Katie confessed that when she was a teenager she dreamt of marrying me."

VANESSA PARADIS AND JOHNNY DEPP Paradis told Harper's Bazaar that their meeting in 1994 was a "coup de foudre", translating roughly, you guessed it, to love at first sight.

...and some who came unstuck

HILARY SWANK AND CHAD LOWE "I went to a party with Leo DiCaprio, and Chad was there," Swank told People magazine. "We just started talking, and he said, 'Would you like to go to dinner?' and I said yes, and we've been together ever since." The couple divorced in 2006.

VANESSA HUDGENS AND ZAC EFRON "Right off the bat, we had a connection," Hudgens told US Glamour. She said their chemistry mirrors that of their characters in High School Musical. They broke up last December.