What is the ‘wolf cut’? The season’s hottest hairstyle is Gen Z’s version of the mullet

With Google searches about the look up 100%, the mullet-shag hybrid is this season’s latest unisex wash-and-go hairstyle

Pop star Billie Eilish (left) is credited with taking the 'wolf cut' mainstream, and other stars, including 'Insatiable' actress Debby Ryan, have followed suit. Instagram
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Not only did pop star Billie Eilish break Instagram records back in March, when a photo of her newly blonde hair achieved a million likes in six minutes, the Ocean Eyes singer also launched the hottest haircut of the season.

Dubbed the "wolf cut", Google searches about the hybrid mash-up of the shag and the mullet have risen by 100 per cent since 2020, with Pinterest recording an 88 per cent rise in searches. Over on TikTok, videos showcasing the hot new Gen Z haircut have been viewed more than 100 million times.

“I love it,” says Adam Grier, senior stylist at Pastels Salon Ritz Carlton in Dubai, “It’s edgy, cool and current. It’s been around for a while in fashion capitals such as London and is becoming more visible elsewhere as it translates into the mainstream.

“I think it’s a great choice for those who live in Dubai and will be here during the summer months when you want an easy, unfussy, on-point style that requires minimal effort.”

A style which works on most hair lengths, Insatiable actress Debby Ryan was also inspired to go for the choppy look, and there are already plenty of variants with added layers and sharper tapering towards the ends.

"This haircut works for anyone who is ready to change their look and comes with a lot of character and movement," says Hicham Eid, creative director at Eideal and Davines Arabia. "It would work on any hair texture, but if someone has a style that tends towards the more classic, I would avoid this unless they really want to embrace an edgier look."

“This will work on pretty much every hair type and it gives a lot of movement and texture,” adds Grier. “If you have thick hair, this style will work because it comprises lots of layers, which can texturise thick hair. For those with fine hair, the addition of layers add volume.

“The style can even be adapted to work with curly hair and, in terms of length, it can be adapted to suit any length from the collarbone and beyond.”

Senior stylist Adam Grier (left) and creative director Hicham Eid say the 'wolf cut' is the ideal look for the coming UAE summer. Courtesy Pastels, Davines Arabia
Senior stylist Adam Grier (left) and creative director Hicham Eid say the 'wolf cut' is the ideal look for the coming UAE summer. Courtesy Pastels, Davines Arabia

TikTok and YouTube are filled with videos showing teens performing at-home DIY cuts, putting hair up into high, unicorn ponytails, before letting loose with the scissors.

The style is also the latest unisex look, with Jin of BTS K-pop band sporting a sleeker version.

“A salt spray is a must-have to give your hair that on-trend beachy effect, without the rough touch,” advises Grier about styling the look.

“One of the key things about this look is that it is very natural and undone so you don’t always need to blow dry,” says Eid. “This is a low-maintenance haircut since it has a lot of movement and so it should look effortless. It doesn’t need much effort and could be a wash and go.”


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