Modestwear reaches Milan thanks to the UAE's Islamic Fashion & Design Council

IFDC will host a Modest Soiree during the prestigious Milan Fashion Week

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Fashion week season is upon us, as the world's style capitals - New York, London, Milan and Paris - glam up to display the latest seasonal collections. While modest clothing has managed to carve a place for itself in mainstream fashion events, only a handful of looks are usually forthcoming on international runways, and modestwear gatherings and after-parties are almost unheard of.

This year, however, the Dubai-headquartered Islamic Fashion & Design Council (IFDC) will host the Modest Soiree during and in conjunction with Milan Fashion Week, on September 24.

The by-invitation-only event will be held at the prestigious Milano Fashion Library.

The Soiree will be held at the Milano Fashion Library

The IFDC award winners from Torino Fashion Week 2018 will be in attendance at the lounge, including Bow Boutique (Saudi Arabia), Al Nisa Designs (USA), Chantique (Brunei) and Luya Moda (Italy).

The Soiree has been planned to allow modest-fashion designers to align themselves with the high-profile Milan Fashion Week. As Sara Asaloui, country manager of IFDC Italy, puts it: "We have a clear vision on where things need to be for modest fashion in the Italy region. My team will focus on further key collaborations and events that will bring the placement of IFDC's talented global modest-fashion designers neck in neck with leading names in mainstream fashion and the Milan fashion scene. It's an exciting time and IFDC is realising an important vision."


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