Lebanon's designers mourn the loss of their ateliers after Beirut blast: 'Hope and resilience will always prevail'

A number of high-profile labels, including Zuhair Murad and Azzi & Osta, have shared poignant messages after losing precious work

The headquarters of Azzi & Osta were ruined in the Beirut explosion on Tuesday, August 4. Instagram / Azzi & Osta
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Among the devastation, with dresses lying ruined amid broken glass and prized sketches covered by rubble, there are messages of hope to be found.

Days after the explosion in Beirut's port on Tuesday, August 4, a number of the city's most renowned designers have shared a look at the havoc wreaked on their workshops and offices.

While mourning the loss of a life's work, many of Lebanon's couturiers, whose designs can be found on almost any red carpet around the world, shared messages of hope for their grieving compatriots.

From noting the resilience of the country's people to vowing to raise Beirut from the ashes, designers such as Zuhair Murad and Azzi & Osta found shreds of positivity in a number of poignant posts.

Find their messages below, along with glimpses offered of their ravaged ateliers.

Zuhair Murad

The 11-storey office and atelier of the famed couturier, who has dressed the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Taylor Swift and Priyanka Chopra, was destroyed in the explosion, claiming the designer's archives and collections.

"Although our Beirut headquarters are completely damaged, I am extremely thankful for the safety and well-being of the Zuhair Murad family," Murad said in a statement. "May all the victims of this tragedy rest in pure peace, my heart is with every one affected."

The eponymous label, founded in 1997, was located on Charles Helou Avenue. Murad shared a look inside the devastated premises on his personal Instagram account, as he revealed his "heart is broken".

"Can’t stop crying ... the efforts of years went in a moment. Thank God for everything."

Among the stars who replied to the couturier was Lopez, who has worn Murad's designs on a number of occasions.

"OMG ... this is heartbreaking ... I am so sorry ... this is awful ... thank God you are safe ... sending you love and strength during this time," wrote the actress and singer.

Nicolas Jebran

The A-list designer, who counts Beyonce and Katy Perry among his clients, gave a glimpse at his ruined atelier on Instagram.

Jebran showed a sketch of the pieces he had created for Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion for their WAP music video, lying amid a pile of broken glass and rubble.

"Today, we were supposed to be excited. To celebrate a project in which we defied Covid-19 to achieve. However, our country is mourning and our faces can't even smile," wrote the designer.

"Among the wreckage, the broken glass and shattered offices lie the glowing colours of hope. For better tomorrows, we pray, we hope, we aspire."

Tony Ward

The Lebanese-Italian designer, who has dressed Allison Janney and Dorra Zarrouk, shared a glimpse inside his glass-strewn office, revealing his team had already started to rebuild.

"Praying for Beirut, our beloved city, so that once again it rises from the ashes," he wrote on Instagram.

"We’re thankful that all the Tony Ward family is safe, we’re thankful for the team who worked restlessly so our headquarters are restored and operational again, for our clients and friends of the brand who embraced us with their support and heartwarming care.

"While we are lucky to be alive and back to work, so many lives, dreams, homes and hopes were broken."

Maison Rabih Kayrouz

The eponymous label of designer Rabih Kayrouz shared a number of clips from his wrecked atelier on his Instagram Stories.

The couturier, who also has an atelier in Paris, revealed he had also been injured in the blast, suffering a small brain haemorrhage and two blood clots.

"Your thousand messages and prayers warmed my heart ... gave me strength to go on," he wrote in a stirring post. "I am recovering slowly ... I am in great care yet unable to answer any calls or messages at the moment.

"Words are not enough. We will not forget. We will judge. We will rebuild ... And we will dance!"

Sandra Mansour

The Swiss-Lebanese talent, who has teamed up with H&M to create the first collection helmed by an Arab designer, shared a look at the debris lying on her workshop floor.

Mansour confirmed none of her staff members had been hurt, and shared her prayers for victims.

"To all those lost, may your souls rest in peace, and to all those affected, we are here to help," the brand's Instagram post read. "⁣Praying for our Lebanon. May God bless and protect this nation and its people. Stay strong beautiful Lebanon.⁣⁣"

Azzi & Osta

The design duo's charming atelier was ripped open by the blast, leaving the building's facade with gaping holes.

The label, helmed by George Azzi and Assaad Osta, thanked emergency responders for their efforts, as well as sharing an uplifting message of resilience.

"Thank you to all volunteers on site, proof that the true spirit of Beirut remains in its people," the duo, who have dressed Beyonce and Chrissy Teigen, posted on Instagram. "We are also overwhelmed by your messages of consolation from all over the world. Our collective support will help us rebuild again."

A second post added: "Hope and resilience will always prevail."

Andrea Wazen

The footwear designer, and sister to style influencer Karen, revealed her Mar Mikhael boutique was gutted by the blast.

"Praying for Beirut, my sorrow and pain is incomparable to what my neighbours and fellow Lebanese citizens are feeling. Heart is heavy and broken," she captioned photos from her shattered store.

In a follow-up post that showed a delicate shoe lying amid the rubble, the designer added her prayers for victims.

"Thanking God every day that my team and family are safe ... can't but feel so much [for] families and friends that have lost their loved ones ... Praying to God that we get justice."