Grammys 2020: Billy Porter wore a motorised hat and sparked the best memes

'Me blocking negativity like...'

epa08168596 Billy Porter arrives for the 62nd annual Grammy Awards ceremony at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California, USA, 26 January 2020.  EPA/ETIENNE LAURENT

Billy Porter has been dominating the red carpet with eye-catching, headline-grabbing looks this awards season: but the actor raised the bar for the 2020 Grammy Awards when he wore a shimmering blue bodysuit and bolero by Scott Studenberg for Baja East, which was topped off (literally) with a motorised crystal curtain hat by Sarah Sokol Millinery.

The hat and its bejewelled fringe were remote controlled and opened and closed at the click of a button, giving Porter plenty of opportunities to serve his signature side eye, as the tassels exposed or hid his face.

"Such an incredible honour to be part of this Grammys look with Billy Porter," Sarah Sokol Millinery wrote on Instagram. Adding that Smooth Technology had engineered the fringe.

Billy Porter's meme appeal 

Naturally, the look has prompted hundreds of incredible memes from fans on Twitter. The majority are quips or reflections on life as an introvert, avoiding awkward public situations. Others play off the outfit's undeniable sass, while a couple riff off getting food from a drive through, which is always relatable content.

Here are a few of our favourite Billy Porter at the Grammys-inspired memes: 

1. 'Per my last email'

2. Curtain twitcher  

3. The hat closes for these fools 

4. Pass the popcorn 

5. Oh to be a fly on that wall 

6. Gelato trumps grumpiness  

7. Rhinestones would certainly improve the Maccas experience   

8. Cancelled 

9. 3, 2, done... 

10. Fast forward

11. More McDonalds content 

12. Tentative 

13. Every single time. 


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