From Amitabh Bachchan to Ranveer Singh: The best-dressed men in Bollywood

Many could take style cues from the wardrobes of these actors

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It's not just the women of Bollywood who impress on the red carpet.

Following Diljit Dosanjh’s recent birthday, when he stepped out looking nothing short of remarkable in a bronze-coloured suit, we thought it high time to look at the Bollywood stars known for their sartorial snap.

Here are the six actors worth following for fashion inspiration.

Ranveer Singh

The Gully Boy actor is well known for his flamboyant style, effortlessly moving from sharp tailoring to vibrant colour clashes. Boldly mixing floral prints, patterned suits and cuts in his expression of creativity, Singh tops it all with his trademark moustache and even the odd foray into eyeliner. Clearly a man who enjoys the fun side of fashion, he never takes his wardrobe, nor himself, too seriously.

Varun Dhawan

He might be one of India’s highest-paid stars, but when it comes to his off-duty look, Dhawan tends to favour a simple T-shirt and hoodie combo in keeping with his dance-action star credentials. However, his sense of style really shines through when dressed in a kurta. He has a canny knack for mixing the traditional dress with a waistcoat, wearing it with hugely oversized pants, or donning unexpected colours such as royal blue, baby pink and even khaki green.

Diljit Dosanjh

This is a man who knows how to wear a suit, making a slim-fit, double-breasted version look effortless. Worn in tones of grey, through to lilac and even purple, he always carries himself with an air of panache. Dosanjh, mainly known as a singer, switches his look to incorporate oversized, hip-hop camo for the stage and videos, which he pulls off with similar aplomb.

Shahid Kapoor

For his off-screen moments, the actor definitely favours a more laid-back approach, with open-necked shirts and casual T-shirts. For dressier moments, however, the Kabir Singh star looks great in a suit, such as a single-breasted style clad in demure checks. Kapoor typically enjoys mixing up relaxed bomber jackets with distressed jeans and, thanks to his ever-changing hair, his look seldom feels repetitive.

John Abraham

An actor who started out as a model, Abraham has mastered the art of dressing for his build, making a classic shirt and jeans combo look both elegant and confident. On the rare occasion he is seen in a suit, he usually tempers it with a V-neck T-shirt, keeping to his relaxed personal style.

Amitabh Bachchan

Not so much an actor as Bollywood royalty, Bachchan has just celebrated five decades in cinema, during which he has never looked anything short of impeccable. As the man other well-dressed men cite as their inspiration, Bachchan has a well-honed repertoire to choose from, be it well-cut suits, a perfectly tied trench coat, a beautifully embroidered Nehru jacket, or even the odd hoodie. 

Big B, as he is affectionately known by millions of fans, has been showing off his sense of dress since the 1970s, when he stepped out in mocha-coloured suits, trimmed with burnt chocolate velvet. Now more prone to crisp single-breasted suits (think tie pin, pocket square and a jewelled lapel) in rich blacks, his emphasis is on a clean silhouette and immaculate details.


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