Dubai-based designer Asmaraia launches eco-friendly, feline-inspired pre-autumn 2019 fashion collection

UAE fashion label reveals 15-piece, cruelty-free Nocturnal Animals line, complete with organic cotton, recycled polyester and faux fur

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Dubai and Moscow-based fashion label Asmaraia has launched a new 15-piece, feline-inspired pre-fall 2019 collection called Nocturnal Animals.

The line celebrates modesty, sustainability and environmentally friendly fashion, using organic cotton and recycled polyester while supporting a fair-trade supply chain.

The rising brand is in good company in its campaign for cruelty-free fashion – it joins the likes of Chanel, Jean Paul Gaultier and Burberry in its ban on using fur in collections.

"The aim is to introduce a fashion trend that does not need to harm animals or any other things that destroy the environment," says Asmaraia, the mononymous founder and creative director of the brand.

“I have used animal prints as a symbol of my love for animals, particularly our feline friends. I believe that felines have independent character, they are open to new experiences, conscientiousness, extroversion, agreeableness and neuroticism which symbolises my idea of bringing a new collection for women in the modern Arab world who embrace all these qualities.”

Asmaraia launched her debut collection in the Middle East in May 2018 during Arab Fashion Week held at the QE2 in Dubai.


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“The brand is positioned to bring traditional Middle Eastern values, culture and tradition applicable to the modern world we are currently living in,” she says. “I have adjusted the use of fabrics, designs, cuts and durability on how a modern Arabian woman is living their [life]. I want my pieces to be part of their lifestyle – something wearable, not just one-off, show-off dresses.”