30 photos that show how Ranveer Singh became Bollywood's most trend-setting leading man

The 'Padmaavat' star is certainly not afraid of taking risks on the red carpet

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Compared to the myriad options that seem to be on the market for women, menswear, at first glance, seems relatively boring.

Ranveer Singh's wardrobe, however, is anything but.

Forget staid black suits, ill-fitting chinos and crinkled shirts – the Gully Boy actor has a more flamboyant approach to dressing, wearing everything from acid-yellow puffer jackets to pink leopard-print blazers on the red carpet.

However, Singh, who works with stylist Nitasha Gaurav, hasn't always been so sartorially adventurous.

The Padmaavat star, 34, appeared to approach premiere dressing with a more pared-back eye, as photos from 2010 show, becoming more intrepid as the decade progressed.

Here, we take a look back through the red carpets of his past to see how Singh's style has evolved.

Scroll through the gallery above to see more images of Ranveer Singh through the years.