Street style's last hurrah at Paris Fashion Week

The shows are over but the city is full of people looking to get noticed

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Fashion's spring/summer season has closed for another year, yet it seems some people are still dressing to impress.

Over the last few days of the nine-day Paris Fashion Week, the streets have been thronged with the well and loudly dressed, and a fair few "look-at-me" ensembles.

Scroll through the gallery above to see some of the most eye-catching street style on the last day of Paris Fashion Week

Case in point, spotted at several events on one day was a man clad in a suit entirely covered with pieces of broken mirror that made him shimmer like a glitter ball. He wore it with an all-black face covering, and a huge hat, so no one knew who he was, but that didn't stop him parading for the cameras.

Also seen — but only once — was a woman wearing a fabulous coat that looked home-made out of a mattress topper and spray paint.

At the other end of the scale were quiet moments of style, such as the man outside Chanel with an artfully knotted scarf at his neck, or the woman at the Valentino show wearing an oversized masculine black suit.

At the Chanel show, a young man arrived wearing his mother's vintage white tweed jacket — and looked amazing in it.

There was plenty of coloured hair — green, blue and pink — and crowds wearing bright Valentino pink to the label's show. Amid the colour, however, there were moments of style so fabulous, some drew applause. At Givenchy, one lady mixed an oversized suit with shorts, to go with her prosthetics legs that she had painted gold. Then there was the woman who arrived at the Louis Vuitton show in a glossy white patent leather coat.

Of all the looks spotted in London and Paris, the most precious has to be one seen after the final show. Crossing the road outside Louvre Museum, a couple in decorated coats. He wore a see-through raincoat and carried a suitcase painted with the Louis Vuitton monogram. She wore combat trousers and blue high heels. They were, I think we can all agree, a delight to behold and a fitting end to a crazy four weeks of fashion shows.

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Updated: October 05, 2022, 9:01 AM