Copper hair colour trend: how to choose and maintain the style of 2022

From golden and caramel to pink, red and orange, copper can be as subtle or bold as you like

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Tinsel town and TikTokers alike have brought copper-tinted tresses to the top of the hair trends chart, with everyone from Zendaya and Kendall Jenner to Euphoria star Barbie Ferreira sporting sunset red locks.

UAE hairstylists share tips and tricks to make the look work for us regulars.

The many moods of copper

Depending on your skin tone, there is a spectrum of shades you can choose from.

Kendall Jenner sports copper tresses at Paris Fashion Week. Getty Images

Danielle Stewart, senior stylist at Pastels Salon Jumeirah, says: “Fair complexions suit any copper shade, while light to medium complexions are best with auburn or rich caramel tones. For darker skin tones, I would [stick to] a flat, neutral, dusty copper otherwise it may look too orange against the skin.

“Stylists also need to match the shade with the client’s skin undertone and eye colour in order to achieve the most flattering look.”

The rose gold or pink copper shade is most suitable for tanned skin to create a pop of colour, and red copper will suit very fair skin as it creates a beautiful contrast
Maggie Semaan, Balmain Hair Couture artist and educator

Some other shades to play with include golden copper, orange copper, rose gold or pink copper and red copper. “If your skin has more yellow undertones, then golden copper would be the best shade for you to enhance the golden glow, whereas orange copper suits more neutral skin undertones,” explains Maggie Semaan, Balmain Hair Couture artist and educator.

“The rose gold or pink copper shade is most suitable for tanned skin to create a pop of colour, and red copper will suit very fair skin as it creates a beautiful contrast.”

Complexion aside, Sam Carpenter, hair artist educator at Eideal, believes: “All blonde women should have a copper stage at one point, whether it is rose gold, highlighted, balayage or root-to-tip blonde. Think Emma Stone, who has copper over her blonde balayage and the peachy hue that Nicole Kidman favours — both are stunning and make the eyes a real focal point.”

However, Carpenter warns that the fiery redder shade of copper, while the most attention-grabbing, is also the most difficult to work with.

Dos and don’ts

Conditioning is key. Photo: Maggie Semaan

Do “embark on your copper hair colour journey gently. Remember the tone can be built over several appointments”, says Carpenter.

Do “tell your stylist whether you want a natural end result or want to make a more extreme statement”, says Stewart.

Do use sulfate-free, colour-protecting shampoo, conditioner, styling and deep-conditioning products to extend the life of your colour.

Don't “try this trend at home; place your hair in the hands of a trusted professional”, says Carpenter.

At-home maintenance

Hasna Nadih, a hairstylist at Coya Spa & Salon in Dubai, says freshly coloured copper hair should not be washed for at least two days and even after, avoid shampooing the hair every day. “When you do wash your hair, use cold water and condition each time.

Wrap your hair instead of drying it, and avoid too much heat styling at home,” says Nadih.

Stewart says: “If you are using hot styling tools, use a lower heat [setting] as high heat can distort colour, especially when it comes to red shades.

“Also make sure you use lots of conditioner, so it remains shiny, and invest in a pigmented mask so the copper tint is enhanced.”

Next on the spectrum

Stewart predicts the shade will evolve by the time summer truly rolls around, such that “it has a more sun-kissed element than the deeper shade that is prevalent at the moment”.

A lighter shade, says Semaan, is easier to get out of the hair, too. “As beautiful as a red head can be, these are hard shades to remove out of the hair if you decide to not keep it. So if you are transiting to any copper shade, make sure of your colour selection beforehand.”

Updated: October 12, 2022, 11:33 AM