Cute critters: take a look at the amazing animals inside Dubai's Green Planet

A summer pass gives UAE residents a better deal than ever at this Dubai attraction

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Now is the time to visit The Green Planet, as tickets to Dubai's "indoor rainforest" are cheaper than ever. Until September 30, a new Summer Pass entitles UAE residents to pay only Dh295 per adult, Dh265 per child, get 20 per cent off for up to four guests, and get that same discount on your bill at the cafe and shop. Your group will also get one free reptile encounter. This is only available at the gate, and not when you book your tickets online.

The biodome, which is located in City Walk, is home to more than 3,000 plant and animal species. From sleepy sloths to more than 1,000 piranhas and colourful toucans, these critters come from all over the world. Most recently, the team set up The Australian Walkabout, which introduces visitors to amazing creatures from Down Under.

Look through this photo gallery to see The Australian Walkabout:

Other sections at the facility include those for bugs, bats, reptiles and birds. There are also "encounters" you can book for an extra cost, including one with the birds. A maximum of six participants can spend 20 minutes with a toucan, caiques or other small parrot once per day at 11.30am. You get up-close with the winged critters, take photos and learn more about their different habitats from an experienced biologist during the session.

Look through this photo gallery below to see more of The Green Planet's birds:

At The Bug Encounter, a maximum of six guests can "face their fears" by spending 20 minutes with a tarantula, millipede and roaches or worms once per day at 4.30pm. If you're brave enough, you can take photos of yourself while holding the creepy crawlies, and also learn more about the world's insects.

Meanwhile, the Reptile Encounter, which you'll enjoy for free with the Summer Pass, allows you to meet and learn all about lizards, geckos, snakes, turtles or chameleons.

Look through this photo gallery below to see more of The Green Planet's bugs and reptiles:

And don't forget Lonely Loris and his new mate Amal, the two lonely lorises that were found abandoned in Dubai and taken in by The Green Planet's conservation team. The pair have since been partnered up, and are in the process of getting a new home within the facility – a specially designed habitat just for the two of them.

Lonely Loris was first found abandoned on the UAE streets in November 2018. Courtesy The Green Planet
Lonely Loris was first found abandoned on the UAE streets in November 2018. Courtesy The Green Planet


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